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Night Time Is The Right Time For A WHAM To Get Things Done

Manhattan Skyline

You would be surprised at how much traffic you run into at midnight in Manhattan. In case you thought it was just a song, I'm here to set the record straight and tell you the that fact of the matter is New York City never sleeps. People are hopping off and on buses, going in and out of train stations, partying on the ferry boats, jogging across bridges and eating out all day and all night...

In my neighborhood, Briarwood, located in Queens County, the last food delivery is 2 AM. I know because I have asked various foodie paradise spots down Queens Blvd and up Union Turnpike when ordering and have also made great use of those time frames (especially when I was pregnant and craving for a particular tasty morsel).

Over 35 restaurants deliver within walking distance from my home. BTW, the first food delivery is 5:30 AM in case you were wondering (LOL- yes, I confess I've had Belgian Waffles with Ice Cream delivered at that time too). To be honest, I've always been amazed at that little gap in delivery time frames and wondered if that was when deliveries were being accepted and inventoried (LOL).  When you are a very busy Work-At-Home-Mom (WHAM) like me, you pay attention to those little details, especially when they have the potential to perk up your day. I love being a work at home mom... especially if I don't have to cook and have great food delivered to my little minions while I'm scheduling and confirming real estate appointments.

I love New York.

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Comment balloon 23 commentsC Tann-Starr • October 12 2008 10:51AM


Makes me very jealous.  We can't get deliveries out here in the 'burbs except for pizza and Chinese.  It's frustrating.  City life is very good!

Posted by Chris Fisher (Your Virtual Assistant) about 12 years ago

We have ONE delivery restaurant.  That's it.  It would be fun to experience New York.  Bon Appetit, C!

Posted by Elaine Hanson, REALTOR - Topanga, CA Real Estate Agent (Compass) about 12 years ago

C - I was expecting something Eli Stone-ish with a George Michael song in the background. I have been to a couple of places with 24 hour food delivery, Hong Kong is one of them. When there is only 3-1/2 hours of down time you wonder why stop at all. Enjoy your whamness.

Posted by Mike Saunders (Lanier Partners) about 12 years ago

Chris and Elaine, that is just inconceivable to me.

I would start a new business: I would solicit restaurants and charge them to publish their menus in my foodie paradise magazine, accept credit cards and pay-pal, distribute it to local residents (redirect them to my website as well) and have them call me to order food and have it delivered. I'd make a killing on the small menu mark ups and delivery fees by radius zones (not to mention the original advertising fees).

The college kids would love me. I'd buy Ninja Scooters for delivery, schedule flexible hours and give then gas cards on top of their salaries. They can keep all of their tips. (I would set the whole thing up just so I could have my food delivered when I wanted it - LOL)

Posted by C Tann-Starr (Tann Starr & Associates, Inc.) about 12 years ago

Big Mike, too funny! Went to Hong Kong, eh? Boy, I can't wait for Mike to retire so I can run around. :-)

Posted by C Tann-Starr (Tann Starr & Associates, Inc.) about 12 years ago

Wow this sounds like a VERY nice place and a place that I would fit-in! Having food delivered is a tremendous help especally when it doesn't have to be pizza!!

Posted by Teresa Harris, Denver . Lake Norman . Charlotte (Lake Real Estate, LLC) about 12 years ago

Teresa, I agree with you. Also, four grocery stores within walking distance will deliver your food list for you. My Pharmacist also delivers prescriptions to my door if I don't have time to pick them up. I have no idea what FL will be like because vacationing and living somewhere are two different things, but I do know I love New York and am especially fond of my neighborhood. :-)

Posted by C Tann-Starr (Tann Starr & Associates, Inc.) about 12 years ago

LOL C - You know I have seriously thought about starting that business?  Just so I could have Mexican or Indian sometimes instead of Chinese & Pizza!  : )  Having lived in San Francisco for a while, it is inconceivable to me too.  But here I am!  I tried to have groceries delivered to my friend another state because she was sad about something & I wanted to cheer her up... nobody does that there.  Can you imagine?  Finally I just asked her & she said, "No one does that that I have heard of."  WOW! 

Posted by Chris Fisher (Your Virtual Assistant) about 12 years ago

Chris, you should seriously consider it (LOL). College kids and retired folk are the perfect target employees for this venture. :-)

Posted by C Tann-Starr (Tann Starr & Associates, Inc.) about 12 years ago

Carolyn, I could not possibly live in NY, I would be 300lbs, way too much temptation but it is very cool !! God bless,

Posted by No Longer Active in Staging. No Longer Staging about 12 years ago

Cheryl G, way too funny! (LOL)

Posted by C Tann-Starr (Tann Starr & Associates, Inc.) about 12 years ago

I love running to Chicago and have finally gotten where I can walk down the street without looking UP- can not even fathom the neck brace I would need running around NYC.  be good  cw

Posted by Cheryl Willis, MO Broker - Mt Vernon, Monett, Aurora, Barry & Law (RE/MAX Solutions- OZARK MISSOURI) about 12 years ago

Cheryl W, I live here and I still do that. The buildings can be fascinating, especially the older ones with character. I love custom work. :-)

Posted by C Tann-Starr (Tann Starr & Associates, Inc.) about 12 years ago

C ... I now have one, uno, ein, un (1) place that delivers, and you cannot call after 9 p.m.  LOL

Posted by Marie Meyer, Orange County New York Realtor (Keller Williams Realty) about 12 years ago

Oh horror! You guys are going to make me stay in New York City. Seriously! What is up with that? I'm sorry Marie, but I've gotta have my foodie paradise deliveries. It is truly inconceivable to me... You all need to sponsor a delivery business (LOL).

Posted by C Tann-Starr (Tann Starr & Associates, Inc.) about 12 years ago

Hello C: NY City definitely has many more food delivery options than we do here in Concord NC.  Its difficult to get anything other than pizza delivered to my house!  Maybe its because less people have their own cars in NY City... drive through and pick up are more common here. 

Posted by Cheryl Powell - The Powell Team, Concord,Harrisburg & Charlotte NC Area Real Estate (Southern Homes of The Carolinas - The Powell Team) about 12 years ago

One of the cities of the US that I want to visit some day -- I'll have to come look you up when I finally get there!

Posted by Kristin Hunteman, Escrow Closing Officer (True Title Company) about 12 years ago

That's the one thing I miss about living in Brooklyn - fabulous food in all price ranges within walking distance.  I loooove where I live now ( a mere hour away from NYC yet soooooo different) but the food - too expensive and although good, not quite what can be gotten 50 miles south.

Oh well, ya gotta take the good with the bad.  Thanks for the memories . . .

Posted by Sandy Fenton, ABR, ASP, CDPE, GRI -Westchester NY - Condos to Luxury Homes (Keller Williams NY Realty * Licensed Associate Broker) about 12 years ago

Cheryl P, I believe you may have hit the nail on the noggin with that assessment. It's very true. :-)

Posted by C Tann-Starr (Tann Starr & Associates, Inc.) about 12 years ago

Kristin, that sounds like a plan and would be mad fun. :-D

Posted by C Tann-Starr (Tann Starr & Associates, Inc.) about 12 years ago

Sandy, I will drive to Brooklyn just to go to my favorite Jamaican bakery for a spanking beef paddy and cocoa bread. I have a thing for their goat roti as well. If you put curry in it, I will come to eat (LOL).

Posted by C Tann-Starr (Tann Starr & Associates, Inc.) about 12 years ago

Carolyn: SOunds like a good life but you are making me craving waffles and ice cream, yuuuuuum

harford county maryland bel air real estate reo christian agent

Posted by Kelly Willey, Short Sale Agent - Harford County Maryland Real Estate (Long and Foster BEL AIR MARYLAND) about 12 years ago

Haaaa! Kelly, too funny! Craving, eh? Hmm... :-)

Posted by C Tann-Starr (Tann Starr & Associates, Inc.) about 12 years ago

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