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Gas stations with ocean views and fresh fruit stands... very cool pit stop.

Carolyn Tann Starr 2011

Gas stations with ocean views and fresh fruit stands... very cool pit stop.

I'm starting to understand why they named it "Scenic Highway" (LOL). I've been scoping and poking around Pensacola Florida since yesterday afternoon but now it's time for me to grab lunch and hit the road. Promised the wee people I'd be home for dinner on Thursday. We have to decorate for Hanukkah and Christmas. We also have an amazing amount of gifts that need to get in the mail that are killing the shocks and springs on my car (LOL). I've been mailing packages all over America and still have stuff that needs to go out. When I get back to NYC I have to do round two of giving stuff away because there are 35 boxes of Priority Flat Rate pre-addressed puppies that need to hit the mail. I gave away my entire law library before I left on vacation but there's more goodies sitting there for a bunch of peeps that includes custom art work, music and more books.

I don't have a book shelf at the FL house so I guess I know what I'm asking hubby for this Christmas (more furniture - LOL). A chest of draws also would be nice. Can't continue the undie wars with my gal pals if I don't have an undie draw (silly grin). Next week I shall be high-jacking stagers. Our guest room is naked. It needs furniture. At least some custom art will be going up later tonight. My back seat has 10 paintings on it (and two keyboards - happy sigh). I kind of regret giving away one of the electronic drum machines because the kids loved pounding the crap out of it but I figure I can get by with the two I have left until we pick out a new set for Noah in January. That's gonna be a fun birthday party, eh? Wedding ani is in Feb, hubby's birthday March, Stephen the Minion Blur and I are April babies and the house is half empty so yeah - fun stuff is coming down the road

Poor Mikey (evil grin). ;-)

BTW, I'm cooking tonight and will show you how to wreck your kitchen in ten easy steps later (happy sigh). Also, I gotta get back to spoofing on Life With Wee People (silly grin). I may have to get a bike now that hubby taught the shorties how to ride. Stephen and I are plotting our week-end-get-a-way so we can have our way with each other in a neighborhood Starbucks on a caffeine and sugar high. Little dude likes his lemon loaf and Tazo tea so we have to get back to that fun after-school habit (LOL). I'm also kinda itching to go explore Miami. We've never been there... it takes three hours so we are plotting a fun sleep over (silly grin).

We have a book signing event to attend next year so I need to go learn what's over there. Inez has a cool Miamism Blog and I've been saving my first Mojito 411 experience for a stellar occasion. That would be the Kim Harrison A Perfect Blood book tour. Yup. She's going to eventually be in Miami and this non-drinker will be hanging out with her drinking buddies taste testing Mojitos on the Miamism review list when not chasing author swag. I can only have one drink per social episode so my pals go out of their way to make sure it's a good one (LOL). I have to get a KH tour tee too before the 15th. When I hit the house I'm gonna go order 'em. If you have one you can take the group KH picture so go get one people. ;-)

Carolyn Tann Starr 2011

I'm looking forward to my next Texas vacation. I can't wait to take the wee people exploring in the Japanese Gardens, fishing and hiking in The Colony and out for some stellar food. I had Mudslides with vanilla ice cream while hanging out in Texas and they were all yummy so hanging with the Florida crew should be a very interesting experiment.

I need to figure out what to eat while here because I like doing restaurant reviews. Ortanique on the Mile located at 278 Miracle Mile Coral Gables, FL  33134 phone: 305.446.7710 got a nice review from Inez so Coral Gables is on my places to visit list. I shall be lurking on her blog trying to figure out where else to eat so if you readers have any suggestions feel free to add links to your fave places to visit in Miami in the comments section.

Stephen, the Minion Blur and I thank you in advance. The shorties are gearing up to go day tripping with their Mama and a good referral will cut down on our random selection list. I promised him NASCAR on our Daytona outing. It's what we do in NY so it's what we'll do while in FL. My kids like playing TomTom so feel free to hook us up with some Daytona info as well. ;-)

P. S. I have NYC peeps coming down for a sleep over in a few weeks so help make my pajama party interesting. I for one enjoy being a gawking New Yorker but haven't got a clue on where to go and what to do while in Florida. I am a home body and usually vacation visiting friends and relatives while here but that's not the same if you decide to relocate and live, eh?

Um... was I supposed to admit that?

Hmm... (silly grin).

Oh well... We'll just have to get lost in what Florida has to offer together. Hunting for eye candy in southern states near water should always be a fun foodie paradise beach bum holy freakin' cow adventure so lets get this blog party started. Did I mention I like being a gawking New Yorker? I expect you FL guys to give my Sony and Nikon something cool to do while I'm invading your state. When I'm not in FL I will be in SC, TX and NYC. My kids really like SC so we have to go over there and mess with my parents and siblings soon. Our job is to help cut the grass so we can pick apples, plant trees, fly mini air planes and hit golf balls in The Minion Fields. Sometimes the neighbors get together to play soccor because we have a lot of room over there... I'm thinking private camp ground to shoot deer with my camera.

Google maps still thinks my parents field driveway is a street (yall need to fix that - LOL). Oct 2008 means you had plenty of time. Seriously... We tore down the white building last year so a "time to build the SC office" update is in order (and I'll let you guys know who gets Wordy C in FL after I hand my book over to my Editor - silly grin). I'm thinking a Mama Liz Agent Owned Realty franchise would go great for SC. She has jelly beans and my kids really like her. So do I. Even created an album for her. Just sayin' one should have fun at work... Rumor has it I need to get back to working in real estate and post my new Florida numbers. Gotta make a new Florida firm first, do 73 broker hours, open bank accounts, yadda yadda yadda blah blah blah... 

I also need a recording studio. Hmm... Maybe I'll open a music studio down here and build a coffee/bookstore free WiFi extension so I can blog in comfort and high-jack my relatives and friends to do yuppie projects. Since I had to leave my snarky gal pals in NYC (who are being enticed to visit in really devious ways - LOL) I've been wondering what I'm gonna do as a FL resident. 

Rumor has it geriatric suburbia is about to be invaded by a bunch of creative people. I better go check out so I can get home and set up the fax machine. I have work to do... like set up a home office before dinner time and publish new phone numbers next week for the crew (LOL). I have to get a SC number too. This is going to be fun. ;-)



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