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Chelsea, cowboy boots, destroying websites and visiting Oklahoma

Carolyn Tann Starr 2011

Chelsea, cowboy boots, destroying websites and visiting Oklahoma

Pooch patrol is alive and well (silly grin). Hanging out on the Botting family couch with Chelsea today destroying a few of my websites (FYI: CarolynTannStarr.com is completely down getting ripped apart while I experiment doing a rebuild).

Yup. Dusting off my A+ and Network diplomas to be a mad scientist building a couple of websites while on vacation. I'm not very good with manipulating the WordPress platform but ya' gotta start improving somewhere, eh? To that end I periodically experiment on myself by randomly whacking and rebuilding digital domains. We will spoof about my predilection for uber-digital-torture later. Trust me - there's a lot to goof on. Most of you have never seen me build a website but a few of you have - LOL).

Right now I'm doing strange things to a couple of my digital domains because I have to monetize those sites for a couple of quirky sponsors and since I categorically refuse to sell links/advertising space on my five AR blogs I'm compromising my Wordpress home site for a few close, personal friends (there are fun perks involved so we're working on our "paid advertisement/classifieds/sponsors" page - evil grin).

My doggy companion in crime for this fresh new moment of cyberhell is Chelsea, a beautiful Beagle who is the first one I've gotten to spend some extensive time with. It took two days for us to make friends. When I first arrived in Texas on vacation I bribed her with table food to make nice (she was mad suspicious about it too - silly grin). Now whenever I cook in Meoldy's kitchen she hangs out by my side patiently waiting for treats. I'm making lamb for dinner tonight but I'm thinking chicken (or Taco Bell) would be a nice touch for a late second lunch so kitchen detail should get very interesting in a few minutes if I stop thunking my virtual head against the digital table stressing over coding issues (sigh).

Carolyn Tann Starr 2011

I need a dummy guide. Seriously... Getting that site back online may take a while (maybe a couple of days or even a week? Jeez... Who knows how much damage I'm doing - LOL). I need to take a break and go for a long walk to clear my head. I love walking with the dogs because they're great companions when poking around in the Blackland Prairie, which is turning into my fave thing to do while on vacation. We're plotting a DFW eye candy run for tomorrow to try and catch the sunrise (maybe photograph by the airport?) so I'm in Google trying to figure out what I may want to see while out of The Colony. :-)

Carolyn Tann Starr 2011

Usually I go off on a hike by myself because I like the peace and quiet exploring the flatlands provide. Texas has some beautiful areas to collect eye candy from so I'm working on expanding my bucket list of things to go see and do before I head off on my next eye candy adventure.

I need a serious pair of leather boots so I'm thinking it'll make a cool adventure for Localism. My kung fu shoes and beat up hikers are not the best protection for walking out in the bog. Shoe shopping happens to be at the top of my list because I'm down to two pairs in Texas and one pair left behind in storage in NYC.

Yup. Chicka went from five pairs of shoes down to three (how scary is that? Very...) so I need new sneakers (cross-trainers), a dress shoe and a neat pair of leather work boots.

Carolyn Tann Starr 2011

My New York fashionista gal pals are having a major cow because Melodious is in charge of me while I am in Texas and I've yet to buy a single clothes item (Psst... they're drooling in anticipation of an urban outfitter shopping spree - silly grin).

When I hit Florida I have to stop off in Daytona and get my kids something NASCAR. Until then, I have my eye on the Dallas Cowboy Pro Shop and Justin Boots in Justin Texas while I'm here.

We're two hours from Oklahoma so Meloudious and I are also thinking about taking a day trip over there. I got a twitter invite from a tweet peep to stop by at their place of business if we can make it (and I hope we do because I like their website: http://www.tenersboots.com) I am determined to get a decent pair of sturdy cowboy work boots so this is me saying thank you for the invite to @tenersboots

Carolyn Tann Starr 2011

The first time Melody walked me down to the lake I realized two things: (a) we took Chelsea because we wanted a reliable warning if one of the big cats were out and about and (b) I need good foot wear or I'm gonna have a major problem (fact: I keep hiking off the paths and there are things that can cut through a soft sole).

There are white tail deer wandering about the area (among other things - like copperheads) so a good boot is a high priority with me. The deer occasionally get chased once in a while and sometimes a doe gets stalked by something that can harm a human so people tend to wander about checking for animal tracks (and will warn you to be careful while hiking or jogging on the paths and trails).

If I gotta run away from something or take a stand and fight the last thing I want to be worried about is my beat up hikers not being able to take the terrain. This isn't Central or Flushing Meadows Park. It's the real deal out here... that's why I'm so fascinated with the wildlife personalities and brush colors, textures and hues. I've been stalking a hawk with my Nikon and Sony but it's a tricky bird of prey to catch on digital film. I hope I get the shot before it's time to leave for Louisiana (sigh).

Carolyn Tann Starr 2011

I like taking my cali sticks out when on a photo-shoot lakeside because of what might be out there. I've been working out with them when not chasing the hawk and bald eagle I keep running into (at a distance) but they're impossible to sneak up on (especially with a frisky beagle in tow - LOL). According to Wikipedia: "Beagles are scent hounds, developed primarily for tracking hare, rabbit, and other game. They have a keen sense of smell and tracking instinct that sees them employed as detection dogs." This basically means that when you take Chelsea for a walk along the lake she goes a wee bit wild because there is wildlife everywhere - especially grey rabbits. Those hares keep me flinching while hiking through the prairie because sometimes they'll zip past really close when they decide to start running amok if you accidentally disturb them.

Carolyn Tann Starr 2011

The cool thing about hiking with Chelsea is the fact that she'll always lead you somewhere interesting... with or without tracks to follow. Right now I need someone brave to lead me through this tangled mass of coding that will eventually turn back into my website. At least we backed it up... or did we?


Carolyn Tann Starr 2011

I'm going for my walk now... the sun will be going down soon and I like to watch God paint the sky with color.





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