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Diary of a Kindle junkie caffeine monster: Guilty Pleasures...

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Diary of a Kindle junkie caffeine monster: Guilty Pleasures...

We book club bookies call it "The Pale Demon," but it's really a raspberry chocolate mocha frapuccino grande with whip cream and extra mocha on top (silly grin). It all started when six of us ordered the same thing while holding our Kim Harrison books, backpacks and e-readers in line. My girlfriend rattles off her order first because she actually fiends for coffee on a daily basis (and I'm really a clueless, lemon loaf munching, Tazo tea drinking blogger who happily follows her foodie-lead and will push her ahead of me in the line in a heartbeat - LOL). Sometimes, when it comes to coffee, I actually don't know what I'm doing order-wise, especially when my friends are not with me in Starbucks but don't tell them I said so (they already have big, social media bobble-heads - evil grin). ;-)

So, anywayz, her boyfriend goes,"Make it two." Chicka behind the counter looks at our books and goes "Another Pale Demon?" so I say, "Yeah, that sounds good, make it three..." The pregnant pause should have been a big hint, but I was too busy having a brain fart to notice...

Dumb a$$ that I am, I'm referring to the coffee instead of our books because I don't realize she's asking a reading question. I thought it was a coffee question since we were all standing around waiting in line to order. Next thing I know my bookies are piping up,"Make it four." "I want a Pale Demon too." "Six please..." and then the giggles start because silly with my crew of friends is always contagious. Light-bulb goes off on number six but by then the faux pas damage has been done (Translated: I was supposed to rattle off the friggin' ingredients, not nick name the damn drink - sigh).

Being a good sport, Chicka hooked us all up with the same order, laughing with us about my mistake while asking about our books and how our writing is coming along. Now, every time we see her working behind the coffee bar we start grinning like mischievous little kids and quip we want a Pale Demon (like the naughty, frapuccino fiending book club blogging buddies we are). She knows who we are because sometimes we're in Starbucks all-freaking-day playing in social media and/or obsessing over writing our books on our laptops.

We actually order this drink a lot. It's tasty. If I drink three of these in one day my insides start to twitch and quiver and I don't sleep much when I get home (LOL). My solution? Drink two and hoard the breakfast receipt-coupons so I can get 'em for 2 bucks a pop after 2 pm. Yeah, you can do that if you're smart enough to have the writing workshop meetings in the morning and book club after lunch (LOL).

Note to readers: Hosting book club in Starbucks is turning us into happy little Kindle junkie caffeine monsters (who write waaaay too much - evil grin). It also makes us a wee bit more snarky if we spend more than four hours together without rotating social media peeps (LOL). It's easy to stay fresh if the conversations change. The fun thing about hanging out with other writers, artists and musicians is the fact that we can pretty much twist our schedules around to work anywhere we please. That means we can schedule different pockets of people to come and go at different times while we take over our section of the store.

Holding book club in Starbucks on Skype also means we can drag a whole bunch of people along for the ride if they can't make it. Right now we're lurking on Kim Harrison's Dama Box. We are fascinated with the idea of Kimi asking her editor Diana Gill to do a guest blog on the Drama Box (but she's kind of reluctant to bother D.G. because her editor is very busy - sigh). We're really curious about her editor because Kim compliments her a lot.

Then there's the Vicki Pettersson angle. Kim and Vicki share the same editor. Vicki says a lot of nice things about Diana Gill as well. How cool is that? VERY!!!

Two minutes later my mouth is falling open because I realize she's also Jocelynn Drake's editor. OMG - I'm having a Vicki Pettersson "Jay-sus" moment because Kim, Vicki and Jocelynn are my three fave urban fantasy divas. I'm sitting here wondering just how many of my favorite authors does Diana Gill influence???

Hmm... Makes me kinda wish I didn't promise Kim Harrison I'd behave (very melodramatic and oh so sorry sigh - LOL). I will be doing a digital tap dance up to the behaving-line and become a link monster regarding answering the above question tomorrow. After all, behaving is relative (LOL) but we do so love our girls, so the gang and I plan on doing something useful, productive and constructive with our time. We're in audit mode going through our Kindle collections trying to gather the D.G. editor information (which is a wee bit painful because me and my bookies really are a bunch of download monsters - sigh).

My fave three authors directly influenced 168 (and counting) book club purchases... You do realize when we pick an author we buy everything available that they've written. It's a big deal to make our reading list because if someone influences us to pick a writer that sucks we will flame them mercilessly because we purchased EVERYTHING. To a bunch of readers trying to learn how to write good books are a serious investment. We re-read them and try to make the most out of our writing workshops. Now we're all sitting over here wondering if that kind of means maybe their editor has been inadvertently pulling our reading strings just a wee bit (LOL)... Lots of fascinating speculation in progress regarding that hypothesis (after all, Chicka is in charge of our fave writers - how did we miss the friggin' editor angle? Duh and double duh?).

Read the acknowledgments by Jocelynn Drake on her first book Nightwalker... Book club has now turned into a "who in the world is Diana Gill and how do we get her doing guest blogs with our fave authors without pissing anyone off" secret squirrel meeting (LOL).

Now I personally have this blogging itch I wanna scratch because my fave three urban fantasy authors have me mad curious about their very talented editor (seriously so - LOL). I've been doing a lot of lurking online reading away and I swear there are so many people who like Diana Gill (and compliment her) it's like discovering The Ultimate Uber-Editor. Yeah... that post is already in progress because she's like this stealth-ninja cranking out the really cool books with the fun writers (LOL). We really wanna figure out who she is...

Chicka is under-the-radar-fascinating... Oh, the things I could say here but wont (LOL). Yeah... that's a whole other blog post waiting to be unleashed on the unsuspecting (LOL). Don't be nervous... we really like her work and a hypothetical (one day before I die) Diana Gill guest blog on the Drama Box would be mad cool, eh? We Kimi fans hope it really happens one day... (like, before my 5 year old makes me a grandma - seriously, no pressure D.G. - LOL).

Yeah - I know - I am soooo easily amused (LOL). If you're new to reading my blog, besides conducting dangerous experiments with coffee and sugar while periodically obsessing over really great books, teasing my social media peeps on their digital turf is a fave guilty pleasure...

We are soooo teasing K.H. in the morning about being such a sweetie pie and never wanting to bother busy people. I, however, am down with the Penelope Trunk school of thought where I'm not adverse to asking for exactly what I want. Translated: "Come on, cyber-social-media-somebodies: Ask her..."

FOR THE RECORD: I did not FB direct message anybody, so don't start (I am kinda sorta behaving Kimi... somewhat anyway - LOL). ;-)

Oh, come on people - teasing is what I do... Bsides, behaving is relative (like that whole beauty being in the eye of the beholder thing - LOL).

Semi-serious note: We'll try not to pester anyone too much about this subject but we have to mess with Kimi at least twice. Once is never enough with mad fun social media peeps (and she's a lot of fun people - silly grin). 

Pssst... THEY ALL ARE (LOL). Have you read their blogs and books? OMG - you guys need to go read all three authors and buy some books. Once you do you'll understand why we're so fascinated with them and have morphed into Kindle junkies (LOL). They are simply amazing... We are very happy being addicted to their work - which also means we have to brag about their editor and give her mad props. We're working on our version of the digital high-five for tomorrow night's mischief because Diana Gill freaking rocks. Bite me for deciding to fan an editor (LOL).

Do you know who else is mad fun to read and possibly become a fan of? Amy DeZellar, Claire Legrand, A Pang, R Mead, Jaye Wells, (we definitely insist you follow Jaye Wells - it's complicated - just do it - trust us she's flippin' hilarious on-line) and Penelope Trunk. This is just the tip of our must have book club list of interesting people to read. We'll fill you guys in on more social media peeps to discover and follow tomorrow.

Start with them. They are the best guilty pleasure mad fun bit of unusual reading ever (LOL). ;-)

P.S. Amy is new on Facebook so go say hello to my fabulous FB peep and stay tuned for a very cool "Dating Amy" giveaway. If you missed the Wordy C memo: my tweet-peep Claire is doing a cool contest giveaway for Bunheads right now. Have fun with it! Go follow some cool authors (and a very interesting editor - LOL). ;-)




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Comment balloon 4 commentsC Tann-Starr • August 11 2011 11:28PM


C~Where do you get the energy? Now, If I could spend the whole day somewhere it would be a Starbucks but it would have to be inside a Barnes and Nobles with WiFi and lots of books! LOL...

Posted by Deb Brooks (Brooks Prime Properties Wichita Falls Texas) about 9 years ago

LOL @ Deb. We routinely take over Barnes and Nobles for poetry night (ROTFL). I have got to film this one day soon (LMAO).

Posted by C Tann-Starr (Tann Starr & Associates, Inc.) about 9 years ago


"We book club bookies call it "The Pale Demon," but it's really a raspberry chocolate mocha frapuccino grande with whip cream and extra mocha on top (silly grin)."

We dyabetics call that hemlock!

We Midwestern meat and potato types prefer coffee black.

We also aggre with some strange Canadans:  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KZHgHN87GRg&NR=1


Posted by William J. Archambault, Jr. (The Real Estate Investment Institute ) about 9 years ago

Hahahahahaaaaaa! Click Bill's link people (LOL).;-)

Posted by C Tann-Starr (Tann Starr & Associates, Inc.) about 9 years ago

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