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Lurking on Claire Legrand's Blog... Seems "all writers are neurotic" (LOL)

We're lurking on Claire Legrand's Blog... Seems "all writers are neurotic" (LOL)

Just finished running the streets with Nydia. She's taking my car home for me because I plan on hanging out in Starbucks for the rest of the evening with my yuppie Kew Garden blogging buddies and I don't want to go back outside to feed the parking meter. It's hot, hot, hot out there and freezing in here so I'm catering to my snow-bunny side (silly grin).

We're goofing in the Twitter streams looking for cool links to share before we start book club. This is going to be a mad fun Skype par-tay because each hostess is taking on a separate group of virtual bookies depending upon which author was read by whom. My book hosting partners-in-crime are setting up their laptops and all of our favorite Starbucks crazies are logging in across the globe for our next social media virtual blog war where we do our my-author-is-hotter-than-your-author routine (happy grin). We only split up the virtual bookies when there are more than 24 peeps logging into Skype. We got 89 social media confirmations today so this is going to get lively in approximately 10 minutes (LOL).

My brick and mortars are grabbing snacks and dragging tables together. We like taking over Barnes and Nobles and Starbucks to check in on our social media peeps engaged in interesting conversations. It's what we do when we're not piling on each others' futons and couches (or out running amok having play-dates). :-)

We're all pretty hot for Jeaniene Frost so I'm gonna have to write two blog posts tonight because we're still spoofing our a$$es off on Claire Legrand. Now there's a quirky distraction. We kinda don't want to leave Claire's blog just yet because she's a new fun read for us.

Go here for the skinny on Claire: http://claire-legrand.com This is an @JayeWells @amydezellar and @clairelegrand twit thing so don't forget to follow them on Twitter if you plan on keeping up with some very interesting twit-peeps.

You guys remember Jaye, right? The fun (but kinda dangerous wordsmith) reluctant adult blogger/author that almost bumped my blogger's butt off with laughter the other day? Yeah... THAT Jaye (LOL). You guys can definitely blame our curiosity regarding Amy DeZeller and Claire Legrand on Jaye Wells. We discovered them following her around cyberspace and now they're stuck with us lurking on their social media accounts because we're in love with Jaye's work and still trying to figure her out (LOL). Oh the things I could say here but wont (LOL). ;-)

Gotta give credit where credit is due and poor Jaye is inadvertently helping us grow our author tree while we impatiently wait for Silver Tongued Devil to be released. We read everything else she wrote including the anthology short (sigh). We're in Jaye Wells withdrawal with serious craving issues (like waiting for Kim, Vicki and Jocelynn to pony up some more brilliant writing while we burn through the authors they like - LOL). Because Jaye lead us to Amy we just added Dating Amy: 50 True Confessions Of A Serial Dater by Amy DeZellar to the mandatory book club line up (evil grin).

Pssst... Amy - write more books because this is flipping hilarious and downright mean in a freaky cool kinda way. I keep laughing when I think about it. What a neat surprise (said the married chick who can't believe she's telling people to buy a friggin' dating book from Hell - LMAO). My single gal pals love this puppy. So do I. The guys are running though (I don't think they really wanted to know what our latest pajama party was all about, but we told them anyway - LOL). ;-)

Amy's old site: http://www.datingamy.com and her new site: http://amydezellar.com

We will pick on Amy later after the guys weigh in... time to mess with Claire (LOL). Her new book is due out next fall but her blog is very interesting (we've been peeking at it between lurking in twit streams for a couple of hours now). ;-)

Seems Claire likes to share pictures in Tumblr that inspire her writing... You can see a sample of her Twitter link regarding her Tumblr habits here. That's kind of cool because authors like Kim Harrison inspire the cartoons in my head to run amok resulting in lots of sketch book scribbles like Trent, Denon and Newt from my uni-ball, so I get the whole visual stimulation thing. ;-)

Wanna know what makes Claire Legrand's blog fun? She gives you an idea of who she is, what she is interested in and how she does what she does. You also discover what she likes, dislikes and loves. Her writing advice/perspective aint half bad either. Check out:

1. Keep Calm and Write Your Damn Book


Quoting Claire: "Confession: I am a super neurotic person. This isn’t a particularly shocking revelation. Why? Because all writers are neurotic. If you are a non-writer now doubting that statement, just stop. You are wrong. You either don’t know any writers or you don’t know the writers in your life well enough to actually know them. If you are a writer now protesting that statement, just stop. You are in denial. You may pride yourself on being low-key and totally chill with shoving your words out into the world, but let’s face it — sometimes you’re really, really not."

(Pssst... chicka drew stick figure illustrations for this one. We all know how much I love art, right? How can I not link back to that? Talk about original content - LOL).

2. How Writers Evolve

Quoting Claire: "So, apparently, I can no longer write to music. Now, don’t get me wrong — I still live and breathe movie scores while brainstorming, and industrious ambient music is still my preferred background noise when editing, but drafting? Nope. No music, not anymore."

Go discover these gals for yourself. They will surprise you... ;-)


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so you think we are all crazy... I think you are right. Good post see ya later!

Posted by Bruce Parker (RE/MAX Best) over 9 years ago

Bruce, crazy is always relative (LOL). ;-)

Posted by C Tann-Starr (Tann Starr & Associates, Inc.) over 9 years ago

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