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Book Club: "By Penelope Trunk" "Blood Work" "The Neon Graveyard"

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Book Club: "By Penelope Trunk"      "Blood Work"      "The Neon Graveyard"

               Penelope Trunk        Kim Harrison          Vicki Pettersson


Book club has been a real hoot this week. Vicki Pettersson (http://www.vickipettersson.com) has a new series coming out so we're all lurking on her blog wondering what cool and unusual ride she's about to blow our minds with (when not speculating about what dealing with edit letters is really like...)

Yeah, we were kinda naughty about it too (LOL). It was the crack about "obsessively geeky writers" that started the fun and blew up my DM/SMS/FB/Skype e-mail. Now that we've read all of Vicki's books we're kinda in VP withdrawal and spend an inordinate amount of time DM-ing each other when ever a tidbit pops up about Vicki's next project  (or a fun conversation starts rolling in Twitter - LOL). What can I say? Good urban fantasy is very addicting... Fascinating writers who blog and tweet make the experience even better (Psssst... go read some of her tweets - chicka will make you howl with laughter when you least expect it. I never thought eye-drop poisoning would become, much less dominate, dinner conversation but it did so go follow @VickiPettersson - LOL).

V Pettersson tweet

Whenever I go on lock down to paint, write or hole up in the music studio my friends start grumbling because I cut everything off and disappear for a few days. When Vicki tweeted she was having "a writing marathon weekend" I started getting the, "You want me to say hi to the sun for you?" missives from blogging buddies I inadvertently-covertly-deliberately converted into fans (so of course I went outside to play in the sunshine to live up to the my-being-contrary part of our social media relationship - LOL).

I have been screwing around all afternoon and I really need to get home. Editing makes me a wee bit crazy. I don't know how they do it but I guess I'd better figure it out so I can stop killing the crap out of my manuscripts, come up for air and remember to go outside and be seen by the neighbors (LOL). ;-)

Why did I clip the other tweet out? To make you curious, of course (silly grin). Did I mention something about being contrary? You might want to throw facetious on that growing list of my blogging traits (LOL). ;-)

V links back to Kim Harrison on her post entitled,"Edit Letters - A Rare Writing Post" so if you are an inspiring writer you should go read that puppy. I'm in a couple of writing workshops and we've taken over a corner of Starbucks after class so we can get our books on and turn into a bunch of snarky, catty, chatty book monsters while reading each others' chapters and trying to figure out how not to suck as new aspiring authors (LOL). I love the Joanna Archer (Sign of the Zodiac) series because it's a fun, wild ride that plays to my snarky side. Vicki does some wicked plotting and pacing in there so do read her books if you're looking for something fun to read while on holiday (or simply plotting down time to relax). ;-)

Kim Harrison (http://kimharrison.wordpress.com) is doing Comic Con in CA so we're lurking in the Kim-Stream just in case another interesting link pops up like the SDCC Ask the Author Kim Harrison one for fans to ask questions for the pending Comic Con interiew.

KH tweets

As of this writing I've read all 220 tweets of @BurningBunnies and irony is the fact that Kim doesn't flame anyone or anything in the public twit stream (bummer - ya need to burn something Kimi. You are waaaay to witty not to. Seriously - LOL). K's Rachel Morgan / The Hollows series is a pretty wild urban fantasy read so don't let the innocuous business linking to blogs fool you because she's just as snarky with her characters as Vicki Pettersson (LMAO). There's a reason why Kimi sent me over there to read Vicki. I'm really glad she did.

We love her writing advice. Clicking Kimi links will get you some good virtual stuff. Vicki also has good/cool link-tastes too (check out Plot Device). We are still drooling over Blood Work even though we all finished reading our graphic novels. It's a story based upon Ivy's point of view. We HEART Ivy. If you love the characters/series don't quibble about your choice of graphics, authors, actors or artists, concentrate on the story.

I say this because I have a beauty is in the eye of the beholder bias and smacked another artist today for talking smack because I really enjoyed my book selections and he didn't. We're book club competitors and I have something he doesn't: a limited edition autographed Penelope Trunk (which shocked everybody because they only knew about her first book - LOL). He thought I was scamming them so of course I went to my fabulous source to whack his sanctimonious a$$: http://blog.penelopetrunk.com (LOL)

Just because a book is not sold in Barnes and Noble or on Amazon.com doesn't mean it doesn't exist...

PT autograph

Unlike her first book, there are only 1,000 of these in the world and chicka signed and numbered each one with a gold ink colored pen. There was a lot of drama involved in getting this done too:

Self Publishing Update: My Import/Export Business - Penelope Trunk

Emelia was howling with laughter when she read Penelope's post while we were hanging out at her condo the other day. I wanted her to read the "By Penelope Trunk" book but she refused to let me leave it because "it's too rare" and "fabulous" (LOL).  Here's two quotes from Miss P's post to entice you to click that P drama link:

"Melissa and I were so excited when the books arrived. But there was not a lot of pause for celebration because the books were literally three months late. You'd think, since we printed the books in China and then had them shipped on a boat, that the delay would be due to the Chinese. But in fact, the Chinese printer was amazing, and the shipping company was good, too. The problem was a US company: PayPal. Our plan was to get people to pay for the book first, and then we'd use that money to print the book. But PayPal put a hold on our account as soon as we took in money. And—I'm not joking or exaggerating—PayPal has been holding our money for the last 90 days."

"I used to have a job signing her autograph. If you click to her fan site, and scroll halfway down the page, there's an autographed photo of her. That's the one I would sign. I'd open her fan mail and sign her name and send the photo in the mail. She would give me oversight like, "make the E's loopier." I found myself making my P's extra loopy during the nights I couldn't get her out of my head. I also found myself signing my name a little differently each night. And I remembered the autograph collector who sent me two signed photos of Esther that looked very different and he said one of them must be a fake and he was upset. And I wanted to tell him, "That's not true. Both are fake." "

Now when I think about attending RWA-NYC I get a huge, stupid, silly grin on my face because all my author signatures are authentic (and I do NOT suffer from e-bay angst - LMAO). PT had us howling with laughter at book club today because we can't wait for her next book with Melissa Sconyers to come out. We want to see if the signature "P" gets more or less loopy. We absolutely love lurking on Miss P's blog. Love may even be an understatement (it's a huge addiction - LOL).

BTW, Penelope and Melissa are mad fun to read in twitter (yeah - another Wordy C understatement - LOL). Go follow @Melissa and @PenelopeTrunk ;-)








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Maria, it's my predilection for acting like a three year old that keeps life interesting (LOL). No wonder my five year old thinks he's the boss of me, eh? ;-)

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