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Life With Wee People: Smile

Carolyn Tann Starr 2011

Life With Wee People: Smile

I love that pleased looked the wee people get when about to embark upon a new school adventure. I am fortunate that they love school and miss the morning madness involved regarding Stephen, the Minion Blur's predilection for packing toys into his book bag. He will not leave home without a hot wheel car or train to keep him company. I am frequently guilty of allowing baskets and buckets of toys to leave our NY apartment after hearing them passionately argue that they need them. Sometimes our toy arguments are the most complicated conversations of the day (LOL).

Right now I am reading a bunch of text messages from my friends at RainCamp who are wondering where the heck I am. I am still in New York taking care of business while passing text messages back and forth with the hubby. 

Carolyn Tann Starr 2011

The boys have been experiencing some amazing weather patterns lately...

Carolyn Tann Starr 2011

Check out the hail in our yard... Hubby sent me several cool cell phone shots. Spring hail in Florida is something else I'm going to have to eventually get used to. It's not as enjoyable as my love affair with snow but it certainly has captured my imagination. Ice on a palm tree is strange to me as a New Yorker (LOL).

Am I going to RainCamp? I honestly don't know because my travel schedule is very tight right now. As much as I'd like to come out and play with my real estate buddies I can't ditch my scheduled meetings because the appointments I am currently attending were made well before the camp announcement.

In order for me to be in FL for the Minion Blur turning five I have to clear my current NY - SC calendar obligations. I've been up since 5 AM working on a cinematography pre-production checklist and am also responsible for scouting viable filming locations. That task includes helping to finalize the cinematography pre-production property lists and assigning each a sub-production location number; locking in the production location dates with the property owners, producers, director, director of photography and production manager...

Did you know that approximately three weeks prior to a film shoot the scene numbers are embedded in the film script, a shot list has to be created and the cinematography location information forms and property releases have to be done? Location stills have to be taken as well... That's just the tip of the ice-burg. If you are looking to get into property management for film crews you're going to discover that you turn into an instant film intern on the fly (LOL).

My kids are going to love this project. The wee people actually get a walk on as themselves. How cool is that? Very! We are doing the music for the film and I am working on the storyboards. It's fun being an artist, eh? I get to play with the production crew while providing multiple levels of input. ;-)

Every time I think about that it makes me smile because I am working with talented, fun people... Every time I get a cell phone shot of my kids while I am away on business makes me smile. Every time I talk to my gorgeous guy pies they make me laugh...

Gotta go. I have a 10:30 meeting about to start, then a 1 PM.

Enjoy RainCamp! ;-)


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Comment balloon 5 commentsC Tann-Starr • April 04 2011 10:34AM


You keep working your schedule so you can make Stephen's 5th birthday. Everything sounds so exciting..the  film, the music, the working friendships. So much to look forward to. Hope to see you soon.


Posted by Margaret Rome Baltimore 410-530-2400, Sell Your Home With Margaret Rome ( HomeRome Realty 410-530-2400) over 9 years ago

Margaret, little man is about to make the leap to Kindergarten. That is very cool. We have to throw him an intimate little dinner party and buy a massive amount of new hot wheel cars (LOL). ;-)

Posted by C Tann-Starr (Tann Starr & Associates, Inc.) over 9 years ago

Hi Carolyn... Hail is one of those things that always amazes me.  When it is 70 or 80 something degrees outside, who expects the heavens to open to bring forth ICE???  Snow seems to make more sense since it comes when it is cold outside.

Posted by Steve Shatsky over 9 years ago

Your picture proves we don't have the market on wind!  That looks like it was quite a storm!

Posted by Brenda Whitman, Live in Laramie Real Estate, Broker/Co-Owner, Laramie, Wyoming (Live in Laramie Real Estate, Laramie, Wyoming) over 9 years ago

Steve, hail is fascinating. Tornadoes bring them on and now I seem to be Googling all sorts of interesting weather phenomena. I'm hooked. :-)

Brenda, it was absolutely wild. I wished I was there for it. I've seen some amazing lightening storms roll in out of nowhere. It went from day to night in 5 minutes one afternoon. I've never seen clouds so dark in my life. FL has amazing weather patterns. :-)

Posted by C Tann-Starr (Tann Starr & Associates, Inc.) over 9 years ago

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