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I've been crashing TannStarr.com for two days now (LOL). We decided to completely destroy it and are slowly rebuilding the pages. Problem is, it does different things in different browsers (LOL). Needless to say using "preview" has now been rendered a moot point. We only find out what it really looks like while live on the server (oh horror! - LOL).

BTW, I suck at HTML5 but you have to start somewhere, eh? I know, I know, why did it have to be a site I've held since 1999? I should have picked an obscure digital property to practice on first. My bag. I apologize for the inconvenience. ;-)

Today, after arguing most of the night, we decided to go online and Frankenstein it together live one small section at a time.

This is me warning you that it's going to take a while to get it right because we don't know what we are doing. We have all these Flash ads to manipulate and RSS feeds that habitually don't stay as the headline with a snippet but mushroom into full page ActiveRain spreads we keep snatching down. Did I mention I suck at HTML5? I do you know. I can't even pull the RSS feed for ClubChaosAgents.com in without it turning into a mirror site. My job is to drive traffic towards my team blog writers, introduce you to topics that I like to read not steal traffic from myself or them. RSS feeds are about fair use link backs not republishing pages without permission.

Our main page is all about Ward Nasse Gallery and notable topics on the arts. Their BlogSpot RSS feed is driving us crazy because we can't get it to auto-link back on the show I am participating in. It's giving you a peek at the exhibit so go enjoy it while we figure out why we're coding idiots and work with the Gallery web peeps to determine what's up with BlogSpot. Page two is just about me and all the entertainment/music topics I like. Page three is the best page because there isn't a single ad on it, it's just straight up news and events linking back to some of the best writers in the industry. I insisted on that being a clean page. Clicking the links will take you to their stories and advertisements. Page four is hell because we have to stop squabbling over which real estate writers to run feeds on and which real estate firms to provide links to. My friends have widgets that run their listings. We've been calling and texting people asking them if we can embed their listing widgets on this page. Slow responses and no responses means we can't even get to page five because we can't fill up friggin' four.

If you have a voice message from me and find yourself reading this - ANSWER ME!!!! (LOL)

I need a break. My eyeballs are starting to twitch over this project. We have other sites to destroy and rebuild so do you guys wanna help me out? Embed the icons to your firms with the linkback to your pages here in my comments section. I started with J Philip Faranda and Lizette Fitzpatrick brokerage firms plus Elizabeth Weintraib's RSS feed from About.com is up and running. We wanted to hook up a really cool ActiveRain professional friends page but the feed issues have defeated us (LOL).

AR, we could use a little help with your RSS setting pulling the entire pages instead of a snippet. Please fix that. Please? Pretty please??? I want my team blog running a feed linking back to the site. ;-)

My girlfriend thinks we should keep at trying to find a code solution because my project is part of her computer homework and she is determined to twist her brilliant little brain into a knot to squeeze the answers out. Chicka will be graded for creating five pages so we are not going to be stopping anytime soon. Sad is the fact that we can't figure out how to fill up four pages without squabbling so what the hell do we do with the fifth page?

I handed over all of my original content which was a huge mistake because I have so much visual stuff on my laptop chicka is drooling with the possibilities (which causes delays). My pages have to load fast so I keep saying no to a lot of kinda cool ideas. Apple moving away from Flash is pissing me off because I am running Adobe CS4 Master Collection for my graphics. I have a lot of Flash banners that I'm not posting.

Crap... She wants to talk about creating mobile pages for smart phones. I can't even get my traditional pages straight (LOL). Psst... irony is the fact that my cell phone is gonna ring in a couple of minutes when she reads this. How do I know? My RSS feeds are running live over there so I may be starting a blog code war when I post this (LOL). We are texting each other between the living and bed rooms because we're obsessive about our work and don't want to be disturbed while collaborating separately... I even text hubby while he's cutting the grass (LOL). Hey - lots of people work together while being in two rooms. Look at all the great music Elton John created. He was known for working apart while working together. :-)

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Comment balloon 2 commentsC Tann-Starr • March 10 2011 11:48AM


Just got off the phone with Margot at the Gallery. She's stumped too (LOL). Now I have to wait for a call back to see if we can get those Ward Nasse RSS feed links clickable. ;-)

Posted by C Tann-Starr (Tann Starr & Associates, Inc.) over 9 years ago

Got my Gallery call back. We're going to be going into Ward Nasse with my laptop so someone besides us can look at the coding. Seems I've managed to stump two gallery peeps regarding their feed and our issues (LOL). We hope to fix the linking and display but if not they don't mind it running the way it is. I'm happy to leave it that way but being anal retentive I kinda just want all of the links on my site to be clickable. The Ward Nasse sidebar icon takes you to their website so I may have to make another icon specifically for their blog if we don't figure out where the code is going wrong.

Margaret Rome sent me an e-mail giving me permission to add her firm to my RE Resources page. Will hook that up as soon as I figure out why I am in Java widget hell with my mortgage headlines (LOL).

Hubby is waiting for the little minions to get off the school bus. Will take a kiddie conference call break very soon. :-)

Posted by C Tann-Starr (Tann Starr & Associates, Inc.) over 9 years ago

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