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I do believe an apology is in order... somewhat... (LOL)

I do believe an apology is in order... somewhat... (LOL)

I woke up to six of the most interesting missives I've had in a long time. I just had my digital a$$ handed to me on a virtual platter by a few readers who are shocked that I've so shamefully neglected developing my YouTube channel. It seems they liked Sana's upload and can't figure out how someone so smart could be so stupid...

In sum and substance the complaint is that I've been blogging since April 2008 yet I rarely talk about my art or show you what I've created over the years. Their assumption being if I've been with the same Gallery since 1998 I've had to have created something interesting in all that time. I could have filmed them all, or at least floated the catalog in a montage.


Okay... I admit to always being creative and frequently watching my kids destroy my work, a fact that usually keeps me from talking about it (LOL).

What can I say? I like to paint... They like to paint... They get that from their mama and we have fun with it. It's our private family time, our thing that we do together while discovering details about ourselves and our subjects. Sometimes I wake up in the morning and discover they've started painting without me... not always on canvas... sometimes on each other... sometimes on the wall, furniture, clothes, bedding and me. I once woke up to blue hair but we'll save that for another blog post. I love my kids and their ticks and quirks fascinate me. They are visual learners so painting is a sort of hands on occupational therapy that relaxes us. Making music together is another bit of mischief we frequently get into that I don't share the film on as well. It's private family moments that result in works of art, a confession that probably just ruined the romantic notions you may have had regarding my mad bouts of creativity (LOL).

Must I remind you that I'm the chick that paints on a whim or to win a bet? Seriously... ;-)

I don't mind being chastised for neglecting YouTube because it's true. I was a die hard Mixpo brat until they left ActiveRain. All of my Mixpo videos have been removed from the Internet so I've been toying with YouTube because I don't know what I want to do with it. iJustine is amazing (and I really want to paint her next) so I'm dragging my virtual feet because I owe iTunes music videos and am in the middle of negotiating some cool webisodes of something completely jacked that I can't disclose yet.

Yes, there should be more than 30 plus uploads but I don't feel the need to upload just because I can.

I have news for you: Smart people frequently are stupid but we manage to repackage our moronic moments into something palatable that reminds you how brilliant we are in facetious, playful backhanded ways if you hang around long enough to discover there is actually a method to our madness (LOL).

I get that I am supposedly stupid because you/they want more of what I have got and ran over there expecting to see lots of art in progress and was let down that there wasn't.

Um... well... okay... I can sorta do that if you like that sort of thing but it would have been nice to have been asked rather than decimated for being stingy with the eye candy or being accused of being a digital tease. Then again, I do like teasing people so there may be some merit to that digital tease complaint (LOL). My art creation process is personal... I wasn't trying to be a stingy tease, so I apologize.

Current portraits in progress: (a) Jessica Rebecca Klein (2), (b) Angelina Jolie (7), (c) Stephen the Minion Blur (2), (d) Noah the Net Geek (2) and Susana Isakharova (4). I also am doing a few cityscapes and a landscape. If you want me to animate them with digital film and time lapse photographs I can... Just don't be so rude about it when you ask for a peek behind the veil. I blog a lot but I don't tell you everything.

Just most stuff (LOL).

Stay tuned for AJ's portrait. I might give one of them to the gallery. That was another request from a fan who has been hounding me about being mad stingy with the Angelina eye candy. I will show you guys how I create one tomorrow. I have to go into Manhattan and sign my contracts. Will check in later to talk about my fave actress and show you my latest in the growing collection for my walls. ;-)


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Comment balloon 8 commentsC Tann-Starr • March 01 2011 11:50AM



No apology is in order!

We are blessed with what you've chosen to share thank you!

I espelishly enjoy you Little Minions antics. You must be very proud of these two.


Posted by William J. Archambault, Jr. (The Real Estate Investment Institute ) over 9 years ago

Bill, I am nuts about my kids. I think they are amazing. :-)

Posted by C Tann-Starr (Tann Starr & Associates, Inc.) over 9 years ago

I personally enjoyed seeing what you DID have on YouTube when I was checking your stuff out!  You amaze me with how you can juggle so many activities  AND still be wordy.  And thank you so much for the feature yesterday.  Night. 

Posted by Sondra Meyer:, See It. Experience It. Live It. (Star View Real Estate ) over 9 years ago

Sondra, I love your blog and your post has inspired me to play nice in YouTube more often. I finally have a New Years resolution. ;-)

Posted by C Tann-Starr (Tann Starr & Associates, Inc.) over 9 years ago

Oh C . . . reminds me of when Pootie Tang is recording and turns down ALL the pots . . . and makes a hit song out of silence.

Art doesn't have jack to do with anything and there are no rules. One of my first radio PDs always said "Leave em wanting more."

Posted by Candice A. Donofrio, 928-201-4BHC (4242) call/text (Next Wave RE Investments LLC Bullhead City AZ Commercial RE Broker) over 9 years ago

LOL @ Candice. Leaving them wanting more has made it almost impossible for me to read my e-mail. It's out of control and off the hook. I am amazed at some of the conversations people have started over my work. It appears I need to YouTube more often (there's no way I can answer everything - LOL). :-)

Posted by C Tann-Starr (Tann Starr & Associates, Inc.) over 9 years ago


Posted by Sondra Meyer:, See It. Experience It. Live It. (Star View Real Estate ) over 9 years ago

Sondra, you are very welcome. :-)

Posted by C Tann-Starr (Tann Starr & Associates, Inc.) over 9 years ago

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