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Are Facebook and Google going to play nice in the electronic sandbox?

Are Facebook and Google going to play nice in the electronic sandbox?


Arrogance is Facebook assuming we import all of our e-mail contact information to them. We don't. I have one account with over 1,000 registered consumers who like my music. I have other accounts full of family, friends, survey, gallery, education, real estate, law firm and law enforcement contacts.

Facebook, you need to play nice with Google. We like Google. If you start an e-mail war with the providers we like it may backfire on you.

Consumers are used to having multiple e-mail accounts reserved for specific uses. If you create programming work-arounds to temporarily trump other companies that deliberately cause TOS havoc with businesses and consumers (which may result in making our freedom to choose a potential Justice Department complaint), don't you think that will ruin your e-mail launch?

Remember Microsoft's blunder with the browser wars? No company should strive to program what is supposed to be a useful e-mail app in such a way that it potentially shuts down the usability of a separate e-mail account. Corporate and government officials/employees have used GMail.   

Do you want to piss off your granny, grandpa, mommy, daddy Justice Department users? You do realize government employees have a private life that includes enjoying a moment or two on Facebook, right?

Are you not thinking about keeping all of your users happy regardless of their personal preferences? You may want to reconsider potentially disrespecting half a billion users who expect so much more from you in this regard. Seriously (LOL).

The cartoons in my head are imagining what it would be like to theoretically ask to recuse every judge and dismiss every potential jurist who owns a GMAil account from the hypothetical lawsuit some unsuspecting, disgruntled consumer might launch during the hypothetical e-mail wars that seem to be on the brink of erupting. I am very easily amused so please excuse me while I laugh over this nonsense because MySpace started their slow decline by losing touch with the needs of the artists and consumers using their platform. Now MySpace users do not know if it will be sold or shut down. Lots of interesting Internet chatter cropping up on that, but I digress... ;-) 

Facebook, are you sure you don't want to play nice in the electronic sandbox? Google, how about you? There are over 4 billion people running around on the planet and a lot of people join stuff without reading the entire Terms Of Service agreement to the end. Are you guys gonna post the official skinny or keep us guessing based upon leaked information, unsubstantiated allegations and other interesting investigative fodder by un-name sources who appear to be trying to help shed light on this subject for unspecified reasons. 

Google will not be the only business/person complaining if the info contained in the above link comes to pass... Terms Of Service change all of the time and people usually vote with their digital feet by migrating to the terms of services they agree with. Why do you think everyone I know has multiple e-mail accounts on multiple platforms? Imagine how they would feel if an impulsive click on what should be a helpful FB link somehow managed to potentially ruin their other e-mail account(s).

I will not be happy because I was looking forward to this yesterday.

Will there be a big red warning tag to potentially stop us from going through with it since several writers appear to be aware of the alleged miff between the Titans? Will the e-mail import/export issue be an informed consumer decision based on some sort of warning to FB users of what might occur, or will it be a silent, stealth blow to give a competitor the digital smack down?

Irony is using Google to find out more about the Facebook e-mail launch only to stumble upon a private business squabble gone public (LOL).

We like the different e-mail features on our accounts, so we use them for different things... Right now this is just a bunch of speculation based upon Internet chatter so I am going to sit on the fence and wait to see what is done by ALL of the providers because I only have chatter without the source documents. My concern is if you hypothetically screw with one e-mail platform you can sort of potentially screw with them all at some point, eh?

I like you FB, so do the right thing and play nice with all those innovative companies trying to improve the Internet and give us cool apps. You can still still do well financially if you play nice in the electronic sandbox. Don't make my life miserable because you want to mess around with other digital domains by not being compatible. Microsoft was almost busted up because of a browser feud. An e-mail war is not the route to go... I have to protect my business brands and the idea of possibly being a casualty of digital war for doing so makes me a wee bit cranky... 

Consumers are not stupid. Do not act as if we don't read about the stuff that interests us and are not paying attention to all those calculated and/or inadvertent leaks building up your new product launch... If you are going to be an e-mail provider then it makes sense to offer equal or better service, not less... 

Importing/exporting contacts is a basic e-mail expectation. Failing to be reciprocal is like flipping consumers the digital finger and letting us know we don't count or merit a standard option a freshman computer programmer can deliver using cut and paste open source code.   

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Comment balloon 4 commentsC Tann-Starr • November 14 2010 11:14AM


Privacy and the right to it and to our data seems to be questionable on many playing fields these days.  Not a comfortable place to be, at least not for me and yet I use so many of these programs and apps as do many others.  I hope someone hears you.

Posted by Christine Donovan, Broker/Attorney 714-319-9751 DRE01267479 - Costa M (Donovan Blatt Realty) almost 10 years ago

There is a reason I like to own some of the domains that I use for mail... I use Gmail, too...

Posted by Lane Bailey, Realtor & Car Guy (Century 21 Results Realty) almost 10 years ago

I am wondering why FB recently asked us to add another e-mail contact to our FB accounts... The best thing about GMail is the file transfer size is larger than my other providers so I use it for my music projects because it handles the attachment data flawlessly.   

Posted by C Tann-Starr (Tann Starr & Associates, Inc.) almost 10 years ago
K580hN nugllgghpwti
Posted by wsticaeirmr over 8 years ago

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