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Life With Wee People: Friends With Cameras

Carolyn Tann-Starr 2010

Life With Wee People: Friends With Cameras

My favorite part of being a writer is sharing something about my day with my kids and readers. Watching them skip off to school, marching off to do wee people chores, engaged in playdates and/or going on road trips makes it all worth while and frequently inspires me to chat about what I experienced or found interesting for the day. When the shorties are not around to get up close and personal with a project I am working on, I always make it my business to snap several pictures so they can see what they missed and help me decide what to blog about.

They like blogging... They love seeing themselves in the mix. They enjoy discovering life and having digital memories that prompt a reminiscent smile regarding a particularly tasty cookie, brilliant bug, fascinating yard or awesome car ride. We frequently joy ride with them playing TomTom after school. Kids will not hesitate to tell their parents where to go if you let them. (Yes, I have a wicked sense of humor but no, do not take that last line two ways - LOL)

Besides me passing along my Nikon fetish to the Little Minions I've also passed along my love for the hunt for eye candy. Noah is totally into his coffee book. I think the project is coming along fabulously and I will be posting more "Autistic Photographs of Noah E Starr" before I go on my next AR Road Trip so you can see what he has been sharing with me.

I hope to get the kid blogging. I am trying to use it as an incentive for him to read. Bloggers share a lot and sometimes if we/they take the right picture it will make you want to experience an event for yourself. Talking about life is fun but showing you what I am talking about is so much better don't you think? I think so. :-)

Carolyn Tann-Starr 2010   

Bloggers can save you if you get lost while running amok looking for stuff to blog about (LOL).

Margaret Rome and I have been on a few eye candy hunts together and the very the first one was an accident (LMAO).

I was supposed to be going home from North Carolina after having mad fun teaching about being a "Google Whore" and "How To Monetize Your Blog" at Real Estate BarCamp RDU with my ActiveRain Club Chaos bay-bays. Seminars are a hoot. I really like them. I am looking forward to going back and doing it again. Maybe I'll bring the shorties and the Hubby if the dates work out with school (LOL).

I checked out of my hotel like a good little wife, had breakfast, got an invite to have lunch and figured what the hey, might as well stay for dinner because there was still so much to blog about and people to see (LOL). Dinner was so much fun I decided to spend the night in NC and had a lovely sleepover at SarahGray's house. BTW, that event alone is at least four very fun blog posts waiting to happen because we had wildlife drama  but I digress (LMAO).

The point of bringing up NC is the fact that my TomTom failed while I was on the road. I was bent out of shape because there was a lot of highway construction detours and being a cranky New Yorker I was afraid I would get lost and take forever to get home. What did I do? I decided if I was going to be lost I might as well do it my way and started calling blogging buddies and making up AR Road Trips on the fly so I could get back to New York (LOL). Margaret Rome was at a business convention. When she discovered I was about to invade her state she offered me her Garmin, a free convention pass and a spanking dinner. I accepted. We were not together two minutes before we had our cameras out covering the event and each other (LOL).

Friends with cameras do that. They will start laughing about an event and soon invent an eye candy moment out of a flat tire, squirrel attack, lightening strike, snowflake, clogged drain, raging hormones, crazy kids (LOL). Here are a few of my fave shots from the first evening we hung out in Maryland together:

Carolyn Tann-Starr 2010

Carolyn Tann-Starr 2010

Carolyn Tann-Starr 2010

Had my TomTom not failed I would have missed all the fun and a stellar dinner. :-)

Being a good blogging buddy, of course I had to travel back to Maryland to return the Garmin. How could I not? Friends with cameras tend to want to use them. Besides, she has this spanking listing with classic cars so I met the owner and hung out in his garage (LMAO). Yes, I took lots of pictures. I also gave my girlfriend my camera so I could get in on the action. Did I mention me and my kids are car crazy? We are you know. We lurk at car shows. Getting a personal tour by an investor and/or collector is always a sweet treat. :-)

Carolyn Tann-Starr 2010

Carolyn Tann-Starr 2010

It's moments like this that make my kids run to go to work with me. We have fun with sellers and buyers. We have fun with other Realtors. It isn't just a profession, it's an adventure where you get to connect with people, make new friends, experience life and take a moment to enjoy when people are kind and take a moment out of their busy lives to share something that they love with you. If you only use your blog to troll for business and nit pick about how someone else does something different than you do, maybe you need to figure out why you are blogging instead of trying to tell someone else why they should or shouldn't blog what they do. Just because someone tells you the definition of blog equals business log doesn't mean you actually know what someone else's business plan is (LOL). 

I have visited and will continue to invade states to hang out with my friends with cameras. We frequently mix pleasure with business. We are about to have an ActiveRain Open House in MD. If you had bothered to come to this listing you would have enjoyed the company of the seller, listing broker and visiting broker. We had a lovely time. The seller left us to hang out and conduct business as we saw fit. I played photographer and e-mailed exclusive photographs and info to my New York buyers.

I am about to go to Maryland to do it again at another of Margaret Rome's listings. My boys love farm houses. Too bad Mikey decided to stay in New York to minion sit. Maybe next time... At least they'll have lots of pictures to help me sort through.

The last time I went to MD Stephen selected this tree as a screen saver. Noah went for the car (LOL). :-)

Carolyn Tann-Starr 2010 Carolyn Tann-Starr 2010







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Comment balloon 14 commentsC Tann-Starr • March 03 2010 11:14AM


As always, an enjoyable post! I love the antique car photos, and of course, the little ones. Keep enjoying life and sharing great stories.

Posted by Margo Currie (Exit 1 Stop Realty) over 10 years ago

Thank you, Margo. I am going to meet the wee ones in about an hour and do a bit of painting. :-)

Posted by C Tann-Starr (Tann Starr & Associates, Inc.) over 10 years ago

Carolyn, I enjoy seeing photos taken by wee people - their perspective is always interesting.  And I hope you can get Noah to blog because kids have a unique way of looking at life.

Posted by Susan Brown (Keller Williams NE, Kingwood Texas (Humble & Atascocita too)) over 10 years ago

My daughter loves to just take a camera and go on a search for finds!  You never know what they will come back with - such a great way to enjoy life. We can see the world through their eyes.

Posted by Jody Lautenbach (Century 21 Premier Associates) over 10 years ago

I think it's great that you got to hang with Margaret yet again. I'm going to have to head up north! LOL

Posted by Connie Harvey, Realtor - Nashville TN Real Estate (Pilkerton Realtors) over 10 years ago

Beautiful pictures!! I loved the evening ones the BEST!!

Posted by Lizette Fitzpatrick, Lizette Realty, Lexington KY MLS - Kentucky Homes (Lizette Realty - Richmond KY) over 10 years ago

Odd that when i read your posts that i feel like i was there experiencing the activities of the day. You have such great travel logs. I rarely leave this post without a smile. I remember life with wee ones. It's a tatoo you never want removed.

Posted by Claude Cross, Charlotte NC Homes For Sale (Homes By Cross, Inc. ) over 10 years ago

Carolyn - Great stuff - love the photos!  I hope to meet both you and Margaret sometime in 2010.  :)

Posted by Jason Crouch, Broker - Austin Texas Real Estate (512-796-7653) (Austin Texas Homes, LLC) over 10 years ago

I always appreciate you photo's. Isn't that a might fine vehicle? Aren't you glad freshly squeezed Laraine is back!!!!!!!

Posted by Greg Nino, Houston, Texas (RE/MAX Compass, formerly RE/MAX WHP) over 10 years ago

Sometimes getting a "bit lost" puts you on the right track. Flexibility and a sense of adventure allows all these wonderful experiences. Your sense of discovery is like that of your wee ones. You are a joy to observe and I am so looking forward to this weekend.

Posted by Margaret Rome Baltimore 410-530-2400, Sell Your Home With Margaret Rome ( HomeRome Realty 410-530-2400) over 10 years ago

Looks like everyone had big fun on the road trip, There should always be enough time to smell the roses of life.

Posted by Robert L. Brown, Grand Rapids Real Estate Bellabay Realty, West Mic (www.mrbrownsellsgr.com) over 10 years ago

I enjoyed reading your posts. Thanks for sharing.

Posted by Gita Bantwal, REALTOR,ABR,CRS,SRES,GRI - Bucks County & Philadel (RE/MAX Centre Realtors) over 10 years ago

Thank you, Susan. The shorties are very unique and keep me hopping (LOL). ;-)

Jody, I love seeing what they see. They can take pictures from very interesting angles. :-)

Connie, you head north, I'll head south and we will meet in the middle. Anytime you want, sweetie pie. :-)

Lizette, that was a fun night. I shall have to take more evening pictures for you. I love sundown. :-)

Claude, I love that expression. Definitely the tattoo I don't want removed (LMAO).

Jason, I'll be staying a week with Melodious. She's gonna be the boss of me while I am in TX. We have got to hook up. Looking forward to it. :-)

Greg, Laraine is awesome!!!!!!!!!! I love you guys. :-D

Thank you, Margaret. My bags are being packed and I'm a little kid about to go on another road trip. :-)

Robert, so true. Lately I've been smelling scented candles as well (LOL). Noah has decided roses are stinky. He literally smells every flower that interests (him which is mad funny in the stores - LMAO)

Hi Gita! Thanks for visiting. :-)


Posted by C Tann-Starr (Tann Starr & Associates, Inc.) over 10 years ago

Hi Carolyn... your life always seems to be such a wonderful adventure.  Thanks for taking us all along with you!

Posted by Steve Shatsky over 10 years ago

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