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Reshaping, Nutrition and Personal Care Stuff. Hmm... This Looks Interesting (LOL)


I am not one for cosmetics but the Reshaping, Nutrition and Personal Care Stuff... that we can do (LOL). I am in Facebook playing Mafia Wars when my gal pal from 6th grade gives me the link to her website. Of course, being a social media addict I have to blog about this (LOL).

Knowing my penchant for being a bit transparent in my writing and sharing all kinds of personal tid bits, she wants to know if I put her website on my blog. Hmm... What a stellar idea. Hadn't done it before but it instantly gave me all sorts of interesting ideas to spoof on regarding my naughty shopping habits because I do so love to play on-line with my brick and mortar friends (LOL).

Wonder where I am going to go with this conversation, eh? Let's find out... You guys want to learn something new about Wordy C (and women in general)? Get comfy. You are about to ease drop on what I am thinking. You can learn a lot about people by what they like to buy. Let's do some virtual window shopping together. Let's also get back to the conversations with the cartoons in my head. They go with me everywhere. Especially the triplets Me, Myself and I (LOL). ;-)

So here I am hanging out at my girlfriend's website shopping on-line trying to figure out what little item of pampering I shall try to get the hubby to pay for today. Women do that you know. We smile and say help make us sexy and if they refuse to pay for our gym membership or Victoria's Secrets we remind them our frumpy fat a$$ is all their fault (LOL). So men, pay attention. Make a budget for your significant other so when he or she (some friends do have bi and same sex partners, not a typo) pauses in a catalog of this can improve your ___, be attentive to the conversation because that person is revealing to you want they would like to change about themselves.

We all know I do not wear makeup so I am sooooo not clicking this tab (LOL). Of course, smart people who blog got the link joke right away because in order for me to embed the link of course I clicked on the friggin' tab (LMAO).

Yes, it's true. I am sooooo easily amused. Don't let it distract you from the fact that Alicia has a really nice website. I really am shopping over there right now. :-) If you do wear makeup, feel free to check out the link. Getting eye liner and lip gloss on me makes my gal pals really tired but if I spoof on makeup I know they will check this page out only because they are going to try to use Alicia as leverage to get me to wear some of her makeup product. My friends have a lot of influence over me in case you were wondering why I would say such a thing. I say it to let them know I am already on to them (LOL). It makes the mental chess games of makeup manipulation that much more fun because now they have to work even harder to pull this off (LMAO). Lets go to the area I really want to talk bout: Reshaping.

I love going to the NY Sports Club. My gal pals Susana and Tamara are my gym partners. Besides being gorgeous, smart and fun-funny women, they also are driven to constantly evolve and improve their natural state of being. This is why I tell people to surround yourself with people who are smarter than you. They tend to bring you up rather than drag you down and can inspire you to sit on-line trying to figure out how to get back into that little black dress you brought two years ago that you really, really like but can't get into.

Aha! Wordy C is about to buy a "Body Magic Shape Your Body And Reduce Sizes" thing-a-ma-jig.

Hmm... which one to get? What on earth is a corselette? I know what a girdle is. I think it's a girdley-type thing (LOL). Now don't get me wrong. I work out because I eat a lot (LOL). I am 155 pounds, a little chubby and a size 10. I've come down from a size 16 and am working on shedding my last 20 LBS of what I can no longer call baby fat since Stephen is 3 years old (LMAO). I want to see if I buy this thing if I can get into that little black dress...

Seriously. I have a little black dress. Why don't I just buy another black dress? Because another dress is not THE dress. There is no substitute when you already have exactly what you want. Men, remember that because women get peeved when you make us settle for what we DON'T want. Save yourself the argument. Give American Express gift cards and tell us to go shopping with the girls. Mention the words pamper and spa day and we will brag about you to everyone we meet. Seriously. :-)

Will I put the dress on for you? Maybe... maybe not. We shall see... I think it depends upon whether or not I can actually get into it (LMAO). I am going to finish my window shopping so I can make a sexy wish list, give it to the hubby and return to Mafia Wars. We will continue this conversation when my package arrives. Will I show you my underwear? Maybe... maybe not (LOL).




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Comment balloon 14 commentsC Tann-Starr • September 05 2009 03:31PM


  Congratulations on losing the other weight.  I love to eat too, but the only way I can lose weight is to exercise religiously.  Good luck with losing the weight.

Posted by Liz Flint, Houston\Tomball Realtor (832)816-8066 (Century 21 Hardee-Team Realty) about 11 years ago

Thank you, Liz. I enjoy working out which is a very useful habit to have when you also enjoy good food. :-)

Posted by C Tann-Starr (Tann Starr & Associates, Inc.) about 11 years ago

I'm a Weight Watcher's addict - lost 27 pounds in five months. You're STILL not gonna catch me in a little black dress for another 20 pounds and hell will freeze over b4 I wear a girdle! Glad you had fun shopping!

Posted by Lori Cain, Midtown Tulsa Real Estate Top Producer (eXp Realty) about 11 years ago

ROTFLMAO @ Lori. Am I looking to buy contraptions from hell? (LMAO) Too funny! ;-)

OMG - I have never worn one. What does it feel like? Will I be able to jog in this thing? Can I breathe? Other people seem really happy about it in Facebook. People have lost weight wearing it. Inquiring minds want to know. Who has one? Fess up people (LOL).

Posted by C Tann-Starr (Tann Starr & Associates, Inc.) about 11 years ago

I am doing Nutrisystem. It's working - I've lost 9 pounds in the last 2-1/2 weeks. I have some Spanx. They are not so comfortable but they are great to wear out to eat. You won't want to because you're insides are all smushed together and everything feels compressed.

I'm gonna hafta visit your girl. Gonna make floortime on a Saturday afternoon much more fun!

Posted by Christianne O'Malley, Exceptional Service - Delivering Results in Reno! (RE/MAX Realty Affiliates) about 11 years ago

Christianne, feel free to shoot her an e-mail or give her a call and tell her you are one of my blogging buddies. We're on in Facebook right now (LOL). My hubby is spoofing on us and our undies. He seems to be fascinated with the push up bra in the bathroom. Why oh why did I leave that thing hanging there? I was going to take a shower but the boys are now playing with it (LOL). Why can't little kids stay out of the sock and underwear draws? Every time I bring my clothes into the bathroom they take them out as if they shouldn't be there. What is up with that? Is it a boy thing because I don't remember doing this as a little girl...

Posted by C Tann-Starr (Tann Starr & Associates, Inc.) about 11 years ago

Hi C!  WOW, your hubby must be SO very proud of you and I'm telling you that he probably wouldn't mind buying you ANY little sexy something that you want as a congratulatory gift!  Congrats on your weight loss and best of luck reaching your ultimate goal--I'm looking forward to the little black dress photo!!

Have a great Labor Day weekend...

Debe in Charlotte

Posted by Debe Maxwell, CRS, The right Charlotte REALTOR! (www.iCharlotteHomes.com | The Maxwell House Group | RE/MAX Executive | (704) 491-3310) about 11 years ago

C... telling all your secrets!  It's like the guiding light!  Watch us follow.. my favorite part... Especially the triplets Me, Myself and I (LOL).

The other C in the Cosmic Cow Pie

Posted by Carra Riley & Declan Kenyon, Helping people Transition at all ages! (Brokers Guild Cherry Creek Ltd) about 11 years ago

I am betting that if I showed up with several quarts of Haagen Daas that you would have a full face of makeup in no time!  :)  YOU can be bought ... by your own admission.  LOL

Posted by Carol Smith (Casmi Photography) about 11 years ago

ROTFLMAO @ Carol!!!!! I do a lot for Hagen Daz. So true, so true (LMAO). ;-)

Carra, soap opera analogies? How apropos... (LOL) :-)

Thank you, Debe. Enjoy your weekend, sweetie. :-)

Posted by C Tann-Starr (Tann Starr & Associates, Inc.) about 11 years ago

It's not about losing weight. It's about eating well

Posted by Janice Roosevelt, OICP ABR, ePRO,Ecobroker ( Keller Williams Brandywine Valley ) about 11 years ago

Janice, I eat very well (LMAO). I am about to go pick up Susana and we're going to Spin Class. She wants me to do some class that starts with a P. Hmm... never did it before. This should be very interesting (LOL). I am also hoarding specialty drinks in my underwear draw. If I leave them in the kitchen my boys gobble them down like water (LOL). I shall post about my work out stash later. I think I can have mad fun with it (LOL). ;-)

Posted by C Tann-Starr (Tann Starr & Associates, Inc.) about 11 years ago

Soo...  Are you going to 'train' for an event?

Posted by Melody Botting, You Deserve The Best (Broker Associate PenFed Realty) about 11 years ago

Why Melodious as a matter of fact yes I am (LOL). Mikey used to compete and my neighbors do the Marathon so I've decided why not. Get running with the gang. Go ahead. Get off your blogger's butt and doooooo something about that body of yours. It's the only one you've got. Take care of it and have some fun (LOL). ;-)

I got a great Facebook quote regarding the blog. Here's the cut and paste:

Subject: Body Magic "Hey TannStarr. I read the comments on the blog. Cute, funny and entertaining! Okay, so inquiring minds want to know about Body Magic huh? Well, let's start by saying - at 44 years old, I have never worn a girdle! I thought all of the same things.....does it hurt; can I breathe in it; can I sit, bend, move freely, etc.; will I sweat? I am the biggest skeptic so of course I had to put one on! Sat, danced, bending, strutting, back straight, improved posture, no more back pain, and damn - I looked great!!!! Talk about personality changes - I walk the runway at work every day, on every floor. From old-fashioned and frumpy to shapely and sexy! Watch yourself....Just because people have that extra bulge does not mean that you can't look sexy in that "little black dress" - I have several! If you don't wear Body Magic but on special events, the benefits of how you feel, look and how others say you look - it is worth the investment! After all - the pictures will speak for themselves! Everyone - Despite your situation - be blessed and keep smiling!"

I AM SOOOOO GETTING INTO THAT LITTLE BLACK DRESS!!!! (LOL) It's a serious agenda of mine (LMAO). I went jogging on the treadmill with Susana today. I shall be jogging in the park with Mikey and the wee people later. We're going on an eye candy hunt together. I have black and white photographs I want to post so I can link back to Julie C. :-)

Posted by C Tann-Starr (Tann Starr & Associates, Inc.) about 11 years ago

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