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Freaking Over Invoices... Group Features Un-featuring... Wanna Update, eh?

Am I the only one noticing my group features wont stay featured? Every time someone edits a post featured in groups it automatically un-features. I've been popping the same two back up on the highlight board since 6AM (LOL). I'm trying to read and serial comment but I have to keep checking back to make sure the lineup is progressing. Who knows what I'll get by the time I finish my inspection and walk through today. This should be interesting. :-)

I got a Fannie Mae "update your post" request in my e-mail. Very cool. Haven't harped on them since January. I shall be doing that this afternoon when I get back from poking about houses with my clients. I have two rentals I've got to do. I have a listing appointment on standby. Sadly, the only thing really on my mind is bar-b-que and laptops (LOL). I have sooooo got to get with the work program. Nice weather and my shorties are distracting me from my obsessing over real estate routine. :-)

Stephen the Minion Blur had me wandering the apartment since 5AM. This is what I get for putting the kid to bed at 8:30PM (LOL). We either do late night or early morning. The trade off can't be negotiated. Shorty is only three. A very self-directed little man if I do say so myself. :-)

The good news is I got a lot of digital film edited and answered a lot of e-mail. The bad news is I can't post the mini-movies until late tonight because my clients have dibs on my schedule and I still didn't buy the freaking laptop I need so I can work between assignments. I had no idea just how much work I was getting done while running the streets until my Sony died. Being tethered to desks to post to my blog sucks. You think too much and miss making those spontaneous comments when something fresh catches your eye. My friends now e-mail me and say, hey - I posted this for you - where are you????? (LOL). Not only that, my office doesn't allow you to run or load unauthorized programs, so there's a lot I can not do there unless I have my laptop. I can't even update the plug-ins for my browsers at work. We're not allowed to use Skype on the firms' network either.

Bummer... I have so gotta get with the program and buy one already. I'm in perpetual Sony withdrawal... My blogging addiction is starting to fascinate me (LOL).

BTW, we finally did it. We stopped talking about it and finally did it. We went to cash and carry. I'm not kidding. No cards (except for the emergency one). Seriously. Gotta update all my accounts to debit. That should be fun. I have so many of 'em and 13 websites to maintain I need to make a list (LOL). Netflix was my first heads up about not updating 'em all. I've also got a couple of invoices that need "another form of payment" (LOL). When you make a snap decision because it would be better for you financially, sometimes you don't know what it is that you've really done until people start saying you need to update a crap load of accounts. We tend to forget stuff when we're on auto pilot... Word of advice: never close your accounts in the middle of the month. Wait until you've collected all of your usual billing, update 'em all, then close the cards (LOL).

Since I like going paperless, it will probably take me a week to sort through 'em all. We are officially in "get your a$$ debt free" mode in my house. 2009 is "the year of the dead bills." Hubby is very serious about it and I second the motion. Recession. Depression. What ever it is that's coming (or is already here) we want to reposition ourselves for the worst.

The war is not over. It may be spreading (according to the Internet chatter) so the money saved to buy/build a home has to be added to to include gas backup generators, solar features and solar power. I always worry about what would happen to Mike's insulin if the grid goes down. When his Mom was alive, we worried about her portable oxygen machine not running when she needed it and the food going bad. There have been a lot of things on my mind because we live in strange times. Most Realtors are always harping about buying and selling houses but I would really like to start reading more about land sales... Seriously...

I have a Land Bucket List: We have to plant more mature fruit trees in SC. We need a nice lot in PA, VA and NC. Camping and hunting now fascinates me. Alternative energy if the grid goes down fascinates me. Hanging with the Amish and growing hydroponic gardens fascinate me. Water and food supplies if it all goes south fascinates me. Pearl Harbor, they brought it to us. 9/11, they brought it to us. Who knows what anyone will bring next. I'd like to have somewhere to go if I hear they're dropping bombs. NYC is situated on one great fault line. I'm thinking I need spots where I can go one tank of gas at a time and always make it home (LOL). I want to evacuate myself and my loved ones. I need room for me and my friends. I've been picking some very interesting brains on the subject regarding plots less than 10 acres that may be a decent recreational land investment I can throw a trailer or log cabin on. I am very serious about this. So much so I no longer place any funds into the stock market. I'm done with it. I'm now looking to put half into real estate and leave the rest liquid. I want to pay everybody I owe and get back to basic essentials with the occasional vacation with family and friends. I have no intention of living like a cave dweller, I want to be comfortable at camp. I expect to still be blogging while the bombs are going off (LMAO). ;-)

Ever since the COBA lost the variable supplement $$$ and NYC stopped paying our annual annuity because it's no longer sufficiently funded due to poor stock performance I figure that ship has sailed for me. At $12,500 per officer, that translates to $25,000 less for my family. Mike and I have to make that retirement deficiency up. We were counting on that money to pay off our future mortgage in 5 years (or less). That was part of the moving to FL strategy. We're hoping the union can fix this with the legislature, but until then we have to face the fact our retirement budget has been cut... That means my custom home has just been downsized (LOL). I think I may have mentioned buying someone else's distressed property instead. I'm sure one of my FL bay-bays will hook us up when we pack our bags and give all of our NY stuff away. May take a while. Lots of nonsense in my apartment. ;-)

I need a break... Can't wait to go Fishing with Lenn Harley. That is at the top of my to do list for MD. I haven't done that since my Grandmother died. She used to take me all the time. Maybe I'll add a recreation plot in MD to my list. Can't hurt. The kids are really young. Who knows what the land will be worth by the time they grow up. Did anyone bother to tell you guys that land rarely depreciates? If you have a good buyers broker your rep can hook you up with something fun and useful. It's a family tradition in my house to plant fruit trees. The kids love digging in the dirt and playing on the tractor. So do I... Now I'm plotting to plant them up and down the eastern seaboard. :-)





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Comment balloon 3 commentsC Tann-Starr • May 23 2009 09:28AM


I have to be honest, you never struck me as the hunting type. I haven't had any troubles with the features, likely just another glitch in the system or AR is just picking on you.

Posted by JL Boney, III, Columbia, SC Real Estate (Coldwell Banker) over 11 years ago

I second you on the "get your a$$ out of debt" thing! Ever since my divorce 5 years ago I am a cash and carry kind of girl. Believe me it is more simple to save for things you want than to pay 25% more money for them each month.

Posted by Teresa K. Nelson (Windermere Real Estate/HLC) over 11 years ago

JL, I'm a chick willing to learn new things (LOL). I have four handguns. I'm going to put them to use. Rifles and shotguns should be interesting. Of course, I'll have to go buy 'em unless I can hunt deer with 9mms. :-)

Teresa, cash and carry is strange but good. It really makes you think about everything you are about to do at least twice. Sometimes three times (LMAO). I'm trying to get used to this. :-)

Posted by C Tann-Starr (Tann Starr & Associates, Inc.) over 11 years ago

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