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Life With Wee People: Exercise Little Minion Style

Carolyn Tann Starr 2012

Life With Wee People: Exercise Little Minion Style

Noah the Net Geek has been training for Track and Field (among other things) so yesterday we packed the boys up for some fun under the sun at the Special Olympic County Summer Games.

Carolyn Tann Starr 2012

While en route to Merritt Island, Stephen the Minion Blur gave wee people orders regarding what the next Kim Harrison cartoon should look like. I'm saving that insane argument and collection of new sketches for another blog post (LOL). We're in love with the British covers so Shorty has been quite vocal about me learning the girls features and getting the hang of illustrating burning bunnies shields.

Carolyn Tann Starr 2012

Yeah... he's into custom art (my fault entirely) and usually crayons a lot of it after we're done (to give it a personal touch - LOL). We're trying to find a cool after school sports program for the shorties to get their gym on that also caters to giving their wee people client the benefit of an individualized education program full of personal touches like the instruction provided by their current teachers who are volunteering a lot of personal time to coach 'em.

I tried talking them into an arts and crafts kind of thing but they claim that's what they have me for. I may have to set up a free class at a library since libraries are always looking for volunteers to do creative stuff. My kids would love that: Little Minions Art Classes coming to a blog post near you (but I digress - LOL).

Feel free to give me educational sporty links to Orlando, Indialantic, Cocoa, Vero Beach, Palm Bay and Melbourne people. Will keep you guys posted on what we discover as we go along. We're experimenting. There' a lot to sample in Brevard County and the Special Olympics gives the kids a chance to train for different events and hang out with really cool people who care about their development, dedication and hard work. One rule: must be hands on, interesting and fun. My kids are visual learners (LOL).

Noah did basketball the last time we participated in the Special Olympics and the fact that they quite happily discovered team sports are mad fun helps keep my kids dedicated to learning them.

Carolyn Tann Starr 2012

This event took place at a very cool high school with tractors that made my 5 year old drool (LOL). It started out cold and gray but eventually warmed up (when it was almost time to go - Murphy's Law - LOL).

Carolyn Tann Starr 2012

Irony is, my kids took to running up and down the bleacher steps to keep warm. Sad is the adults couldn't keep up. Mike snagged them in front of the press box and put their hoodies on (which did not last long because running amok made them "too hot" and they ditched their clothes every chance they got - LOL).

Carolyn Tann Starr 2012

Little Dude did his Hulk Hogan poses and showed me his Ozzy Game Face, then went out and placed first in TBT and the 50 meter dash in his division heat. That's my boy!!! Shorty brought home two new blue ribbons. How cool is that? Very!

Carolyn Tann Starr 2012

My Guy Pie loves Track & Field. Every time I turned around Little Dude was dancing in the grass. I was waiting for him to do a cartwheel but 145 photographs and several digital films later I realized I was going to be denied the flip shots. It seems he saves those for the gentle abuse of our furniture at home during The Noodle Wars.

I bet he won the TBT throw because of battling hubby with those blue bowling ball pins (LOL). Yeah... we rough house a lot in my house (happy sigh). 

Carolyn Tann Starr 2012

He gets his victory dances from watching football. We're huge sports fanatics. ;-)

Carolyn Tann Starr 2012

Athletics are mad fun. Anyone can enjoy participating in sports... I'm thinking while I wander around looking for cool business organizations to join I should check into how to help officially coach the wee people in a sanctioned sport. I may introduce them to boxing next and look into forming a small team of wee people warriors (LOL). There's a cool gym in Vero Beach I want to check out which doesn't have a website. Seriously? SERIOUSLY??? I could be linking to you and sending fun social media peeps your way. Just sayin... (snerk).

I'm not leaving my current gym because I love Planet Fitness but it's a fact that there isn't a speed bag, heavy bag or boxing coach there so a gal's gotta do what a gal's gotta do when she's raising active rough and tumble boys. I may have to join a boxing gym if I want to get my kids into a mainstream program (or not join and ship 'em off for coaching so I can read my fave authors in an uninterrupted bubble bath - LOL).

Carolyn Tann Starr 2012

My kids have an amazing group of friends full of energy who are mad funny (LOL). It's always a pleasure to spend some time with them, their parents, siblings, teachers and coaches. We're already cooking up our next bit of play date mischief. When it comes to occupational therapy my house is an explosion of arts an crafts projects (LOL). My keyboards take an amazing beating and everyone loves the electronic drum machine (LOL). I need a new amp (sigh) and have to replace the Sony (melodramatic eye roll) and shall take care of it soon. Right now I have other things on my mind that need my immediate attention like finding an after school sports program to tire my shorties out (silly grin). Swim team maybe? Hmm...

Carolyn Tann Starr 2012

What ever it is I want to see more smiles like this one (happy sigh). There was a lot of giggling going on all freakin' day. We could barely keep them contained (and sort of didn't want to - LOL). Will show you guys Cocoa Beach next...

Carolyn Tann Starr 2012

That's where we took the boys for a victory dinner on the pier after dinosaur shopping (LOL). I'd tell you more but it's time for me to go to the gym. If I don't work out before it rains I wont survive the next Noodle War (which is a serious work out in itself and is scheduled for 10AM - LOL).

When I get finished at the gym I have to shower, pack a saddle bag, grab my laptop and head down to Miami to see the fabulous Kim Harrison. I want to get my book signed and meet a few blogging buddies for some digital mischief (LOL).

Kim is on the A Perfect Blood book tour. Will post more about that after I find a cool Miami beach to haunt with my laptop. I am being treated to my first Mojito later today. This should be very interesting...

I've never been to Miami so I'll have to cover something for Localism while I'm wandering around down there. Nothing like the hunt for eye candy to keep me all perky and jogging with my Nikon (LOL). ;-)



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