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Wordy C: A Generic Rant Is Best When Playing In The Closing Escrow Superbowl...

A Generic Rant Is Best When Playing In The Closing Escrow Superbowl... I wil not pretend to be so arrogant as to assume to school you on how you feel or bicker about how you express those feelings. I will urge caution because as a periodic playful and crazy person I do understand insanity when I see it (LOL). Why don't I just make it about me responding to what I see:

A broker who questions the ethics or practices of another broker may freely choose not to do business with the person who ticks them off or sets their alarm bells in motion. A person can make a formal complaint. A person can mediate or arbitrate. A person can litigate. A person can walk away. A person can illustrate a pithy point or share a bad business moment in order to gain insight from their peers on what to do (or not do) and how to possibly avoid certain pitfalls.

Sharing knowledge is cool. Mentoring and training peers is a wonderful, time consuming undertaking, however, one may not convey his or her feelings to other trade practitioners in any manner that might lead them to take similar action that results in a boycott or unfair dealings negatively impacting the particular person or firm one is complaining about that would not have happened if not for you and what you have specifically done...

In other words, writing generic rants is best. Don't name names and attack another business or brand on your blog posts. Truth is always a defense and I get the fair use review doctrine but Antitrust issues are a hard pill to swallow. If the "they" you are ranting about are dumb enough to come to your post and confess they are the ones who did you wrong in such an outrageous manner, verifying your truthful complaint while they try to justify screwing you over because they are stupid and arrogant then it may not be your fault they get spanked by their peers if they continue to act like an idiot in public because people can respond to the words coming out of their own mouth that they publish any way they feel is appropriate.

Needless to say I am having a very interesting morning with my e-mail and recreational reading (LOL). No, I will not link back to the blog posts I am laughing about or frowning over, but I will caution you guys to think about what you are doing when you click the comment post button. Those comments may not seem like much now, but they can turn into a serious nightmare later if the blog wars escalate to litigation. You have no idea what anyone in this forum is doing with your blog posts. After all, "Member's Only" posts can be printed and faxed just like everything else on the Internet. Every browser has a "File>Save As" option that allows you to download and save an entire web-page to your hard drive. If you calm down a day late and go back to delete or modify your comments the damage may already have been done and the evidence obtained and delivered to an attorney

Even temporarily insane passionate/emotionally triggered miscreants can feel remorse, so think about what you are saying while foaming at the virtual mouth with those political and other category of posts people. In NY State, my Broker In Charge is deemed to be responsible for my real estate advertising and websites. (e.g. every time I comment a link shows up next to my name with TannStarr.com and REMAX People Realty). If you read my blog you guys know I'm not a shy person and am prone to say just about anything. My serious, frivolous and wise cracking ways frequently send people towards and away from my profile/posts. What I will not do is get so riled up over another person's personal opinion that I throw everything I have struggled to attain and build away by knowingly, willingly and intentionally engaging in behavior that triggers a six/seven figure Antitrust fine for me and my firms. Believe you me when I say those laws are so complex and scary people can easily stumble in there and commit a violation unintentionally.

The Community Rules are here for a reason. Respect them. Please be advised that "Member's Only" posts are published to a forum: How private is private when you're dealing with cybersapce? Think about it... Slow your friggin' roll with that acid togue. When you are right, I concede that you are right but if you say it wrong bad things can happen to good people. Freedom of Speech is not free when you get smacked upside your virtual head by the Justice Department or a libel, slander, defamation civil suit.

Go edit yourselves. You know who you are (because you seem to enjoy riling people up as if you're trolling to induce heart attacks or for litigation). Why do people insist on parking on a competitor's blog post and just spew negativity? Go write you own damn post and get as negative as you want. I am a fun and games kinda gal, but even I draw the line at some stuff. Notice how i didn't park over there and simply said what I have to say over here? I am not saying you can't be pissed off and express yourself but what I am saying is you better be real correct about the crap you are flinging around about other people because we all have friends in cyberspace. The links will be forwarded. Group founders will be called. People will go off behind the scenes and start looking for an outlet for all of that anger you have inspired. When the suits come knocking and calling some things can't be taken back with a belated dang I got caught I better apologize attitude.

Truth is always relative to what is known. If a writer doesn't tell you everything why act like a know-it-all when you respond from out of state? Where you there? Are our laws similar? Do you know the players involved? Wanna help a newbie resolve something? Ask him or her an intelligent set of questions before you cyber-bomb them with your personal brand of sarcastic napalm because you think your 20 plus years of selling houses means something to a person who is barely making it and you've never given one referral to to help them pay their friggin' bills. Everyone in the Rain is trying to make money. Make no mistake about that. When you make someone else feel lower than a roach it pisses a lot of people off. Just because there are three comments on a blog post doesn't mean 1000 people have not read it and several people have shot me an e-mail asking me to say what they dare not say. (Yup. It's true: People count on my misbehaving - LOL). But I digress...

When people ask for an opinion or help in the Rain it is because they are exposing themselves while trusting this community.

Vulnerable people are not for your personal target practice. You know how I get when you mess with my bay-bays. I love my bay-bays. These people are my friends. We are learning each other an getting comfy in the rain. Loan Officers and Stagers are not second class citizens. We are all members of a struggling industry and we all bring something valuable to the table.

Being a Realtor is not the high end of the food chain. You are just one member of an assembled team playing the closing-escrow-superbowl for the client. HOW DARE SOME OF YOU MAKE SOMEONE ELSE FEEL THEIR CONTRIBUTION DOESN'T COUNT IN THIS FORUM. Don't make me come over there... You sure as hell wont like it if I tell what I really know about some of you. No one here is perfect. We all have issues. If Wordy C can shut up and bite her tongue you may want to seriously consider doing the same. Everything on your mind does not need to be said. There is a lot of irony in that statement coming from a writer like me 'cause I say just about everything (LOL). However, I do not start my day out by naming names and intentionally making another specific writer feel like crap in cyberspace.

People have feelings. People can be hurt. Businesses can suffer. Watch your friggin' comments because an objective disagreement or difference of opinion is not the same as an insult, libel, slander and defamation...

Play nice in the electronic sandbox people. :-)

Blog Post Therapy done. Was that generic enough for you? I can write another rant if this one doesn't doesn't suit you. Seriously... (LMAO) ;-)

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