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Today's Wordy C Agenda: Creating Works of Art (and maybe finishing that market report...)

Today's Wordy C Agenda: Creating Works of Art (and maybe finishing that market report...)

Time to get new supplies for our next Minion Painting video. I've been in Google and have decided to go somewhere I have never visited: Utrecht Art Supplies located at 211 Glen Cove Road Carle Place NY 11514 (516) 741-1805.

Being a cyber-child, I am addicted to shopping on-line. I have used their website and shopped in their Manhattan store but have never checked out the Long Island version. Rumor has it this place is close with a nice parking lot. Free parking means I can buy more supplies (LOL).

Usually when I need to get my artsy-fartsy on I drive to Manhattan to visit Dick Blick and Pearl Paint. Today, I decided to do something different so I can create a Localism post. Killing two birds with one stone can be useful for your blog in more ways than one.

This store has decent hours: Mon - Sat they open 10-8 and on Sundays 11-7. 

Coolio. I have time to shower, hit Yotveta for breakfast, do my do at the New York Sports Club, shower again, take a casual drive for eye candy, buy art supplies and torture you with a new YouTube of me and the wee people painting together later on (LOL). Okay, okay, I will post the eye candy first before I torture you with our illustrations (LMAO).

You think this is a frivolous post? Well, I am soooooo easily amused and it is Sunday (LOL). Hmm... well... um... er... No, it's not really frivolous. Not really. I'm giving you a heads up to the fact that:

Yes, I have an agenda (LMAO). Will be posting four videos today (translated: now answering my e-mails in public - LOL). I finished two in the wee hours this morning and might even do a Cow Pie tutorial for Carra's group simply because they tickle me. Chicka is a mad cool newb with a sense of humor. I love that! She's great for my ADD too (LOL). Cosmic Cow Pie is such a perfect fit for Club Chaos just like Whacked and Jacked and a few other fave digital places to be (there's a list - LOL). I'm having mad fun in AR and I'm like a little kid who can't wait to start her blog-day. It's a very nice feeling. I love blogging on ActiveRain and checking in to socialize and mess around with you guys. :-)

An Ambassador of Chaos post is over due as well. Will I be serious there? Hmm... who the heck knows (LOL). After all, I am menionizing writers so I've gotta get my tutorials posted if you guys are gonna start writing Minion Style. I am obsessed about Google Domination so it actually wont be a frivolous post because I take my AR duties seriously. Might become fun 'cause I'm having fun with it and I want all of you hitting page one at will, not willy-nilly. I am pretty serious about that but serious is relative (LMAO).

To hit page one of Google takes very creative writing. If I can do it when I want to, then you can do it too. I am going to have mad fun playing Ambassador later because I'm going to spoof my a$$ off while teaching you how it is done and sharing a few stats to prove that I do indeed do it when ever I want with the subject matter of my choice (LOL). If you follow along with the SEO Bootcamp you'll get a boost in your stats out of the deal. ;-) 

I wonder where my imagination is going to take us today... Wanna help me pick a subject? I have a good idea where I may be going with this but don't want to spoil all the fun. Anticipation is a beautiful thing... Participation makes it all the more fun. ;-)

Stay tuned. I may be posting a "Silly Saturday" post on Sunday as well (LOL). Think I can get it to page one of Google by Monday? I think I can... I know I can... What the heck. Let's just do it, eh? Silly can go a long way to getting your blog noticed. Silly mixed with serious is best when collecting a wide spectrum of readers. Never know where your next bit of business will come from.

You don't believe silly can be effective? Wanna bet? Dare ya to take the Silly Saturday challenge! Tossing down the blogging gauntlet now (LMAO). You pick your fun post and I'll pick mine. Lets see where we stack up in cyberspace...

GOOGLE the term "My Cow Pie" (ROTFLMAO). Mwah-ha-ha-he-heeeeee. You are so screwed if you bet against me (LMAO). It's on page one of Google. Seriously (LOL). I have some of the greatest minds in AR teaching me how to teach you to do this and I have been doing what they have taught me so I know it works. I just have to figure out how to effectively mentor my peeps because I've been collecting writers to minionize. I am a geek. A silly anal retentive but fun geek. I get SEO. In spades (LOL).

My gig is pimping your outside blogs. Best way to get that point across is to pimp mine (LOL). If I can prove to you that my blogs do well, then you have an example of what you can do with your own. If you want to set up an Outside Blog and need help, e-mail me. Can't play SEO games without being indexed people. The OB is the bomb diggity and the Club Chaos SEO Bootcamp requires an Outside Blog. I have three. Feel free to set up as many as you would like because they are real websites that have major value. Think separate intellectual property people. You will own actual domain names and have digital real estate in cyberspace. You need to understand AR is also a hosting platform (just like GoDaddy) and your OB is not the same as your AR Dashboard and Localism. Uuh-oh (LOL). :-)

I get the fact that my Outside Blogs rock. I really need you guys to get the fact that your OBs should be rocking cyberspace too and consider the Rainmaker package if you have not done so.

Hook up with your friends and create, then market your groups. The Active Rain Group: Club Chaos has been dominating Google and if you Google the term "Club Chaos" you will discover our group and team blog ClubChaosAgents.com live on page one of Google out of 10,600,000 entries for the term. People have been begging me to let them advertise there. That's not happening, but it's a lovely compliment. People should be begging you to market and advertise to your group creations as well. If not, you need to go find the Ambassador of your choice and stick with them, opening up multiple team and outside blogs so you can monetize your ventures. My bay-bays have all sorts of writing projects going on. Yup. Several of us have monetized our blogs. Guess that means that My Cow Pie IS BIGGER than your Cow Pie (LOL). BTW, it really is on page one of Google. Position 4 of 514,000 for "my cow pie." So I guess me and Carra are not as silly as some people may think (because we created fun groups and write what ever we want).

Hmm... Come to think of it I did promise you guys my version of a market report. Sigh...  A bloggers work is never done... My list of things to do today is growing... :-)

No more teasing. I have to take a shower and get out of here. I need to pick up a couple of brick and mortars so you can see Glen Cove, among other things (LOL). If you think I'm crazy, wait until I start posting interviews of my friends talking about what they do for a living and how I disrupt their days taking them on adventures in blogging.

A videoblog? Seriously??? Yup (LOL). They are going to help me get to page one of Google because I have just formulated how to get my unwitting victims to play along (LMAO). Wanna learn something new today? Come back after 4PM EST and watch how silly people like me actually get a lot of work done. I need to go buy some peeps lunch and get 'em on film so you can learn something new about how I create music, art and articles between running the streets with customers, little minions, friends and clients (LOL).

See ya! Gotta go entertain my ADD. :-D

BTW, The Wrath of Cow Pie Googled as a term actually produces 23,200 hits to which we are number 1 on page 1 of Google (ROTFLMAO). Who the heck knew... Thank you, Heather C for inspiring me with such a fun term. ;-)

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