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Club Chaos Spring Eye Candy Contest: LANDMARKS (Sat April 25 - Sat May 2, 2009)


This is our third Club Chaos Eye Candy event where we run parallel but dueling contests: ONE for PHOTOGRAPHY (APR-ECP04) and ONE for VIDEO (APR-ECV04). As previously stated, we are looking for your very best eye candy ladies and gentlemen and we want you to submit quality work worthy of a featured post.

Club Chaos will be hosting this Active Rain Contest with a little help from our friends, so please pay attention to what is mandatory and what is optional. As requested, we rotated some of the groups and have introduced Fraishe Aire and PAWS into the mix.

Each member has a choice of entering one or both contests. 200 points awarded per contest entry. If the work submitted is selected for placement, the 200 entry points will be rolled into the winning point spread. Contestants may only post one link for each selected media a candidate decides to work in (e.g. you can not posts two entries for photography or two for video, but you can post an AR Blog link for one contest category each.)

The panel consists of 5 judges: Debe Maxwell (NC), Melody Botting (TX), Amanda Hall (TX), Cindy Tsui (NY) and Carolyn Tann-Starr (NY).

Members choosing to participate must design and publish their original content specifically for Localism.com. "Members Only" posts are prohibited from entry. All entries must be PG-13 Rated.

Active Rain Channel: "Club Chaos Eye Candy" has been created for your entries.


Section 1. [A] Participants must join the Active Rain group "LOCAL HISTORY." [B] All contest banter must remain PG-13. Do not post inappropriate photographs in the comment sections. [C] We will only accept Localism.com blog links.

Section 2. [A] Participants must post contest submission(s) in the group "LOCAL HISTORY" and two of the following 5 other groups: (1) Fraiche Aire (public); (2) Diary of a Realtor (public); (3) Whacked (public); (4) Positive Attitude For The Weary Soul (public) and (5) Club Chaos (by invitation only: current members). You must post your contest submission links in the comment section of this official contest post in order for your post(s) to be judged and added to the blog post roll.

Section 3. You must post your contest submission(s) in Localism.com for failing to do so disqualifies you. This is a very important point so I will say it again: FAILING TO DO SO DISQUALIFIES YOU... The contest judges are prohibited from entering as panel members but may participate in other events they are not actively judging, including future CC Eye Candy contests.

Note: 1. Every entry must be original content created by the participant.

2. Submissions must be titled "Club Chaos Eye Candy" and tagged to separate the contest entries. Meta Tags: Club Chaos Eye Candy APRECP04 (Photography Eye Candy) Club Chaos Eye Candy APRECV04 (Video Eye Candy).

3. Failing to use the appropriate Meta Tags to identify your contest submissions will result in your contest points not being awarded. Failing to publish the appropriate AR-Localism links in the comment section of this OFFICIAL CONTEST post will result in your creation not being reviewed and no points will be awarded.

4. Minimum Post Requirements: 150 words and 5 Photographs and/or 150 words/narrative and one 1.5 minute video. (It would be nice if you would act like you were writing for a feature, but 150 words will do. It isn't the quantity, it's the quality!)

5. Do not combine two entries on one post. Do not exceed 5 minutes with your video submission. Do not include music unless (a) you own the copyright or (b) have written permission from the rights owner to use their music (I will spot check if you do). Do not include any television or radio transmissions or visuals in the background of your videos. Do not trespass on any property to complete your project.

2000 points for 1st Place in Photography, 2000 points for 1st Place in Video.

1500 points for 2ndPlace in Photography, 1500 points for 2nd Place in Video.

1000 points for 3rd Place in Photography, 1000 points for 3rd Place in Video.

500 points for 4th Place in Photography, 500 points for 4th Place in Video.

Each contest entry: 200 points. WINNERS WILL BE ANNOUNCED ON 05/05/2009

Sat May 2nd UPDATE: LOCALSIM.com went down Saturday night and I have received several e-mails that candidates can't post their links or their work is missing (e.g. error page about the page being moved). We're extending the contest date to Midnight Sunday, May 3, 2009. We do not penalize people for technical difficulties and will not entertain a single complaint regarding this extension. If you post the Localism.com contest link by midnight tomorrow (AR clock controlling) the contest entry will be accepted. 


Celeste "Sally" Cheeseman

William James Walton Sr

Robert Hammerstein

Liz Moras

Gary Woltal

Jeff Dowler

Donna Bigda

Heather Chavez

John Novak


Connie Harvey

Laura Giannotta

Silvia Dukes

Frank & Sharon Alters

Lisa Hill

Richard Weisser

Kari A. Battaglia

Linda Bourgault

Erik Hitzelberger


William James Walton Sr

Celeste "Sally" Cheeseman

Sally Dunbar

Richard Weisser

Donna Bigda


2000 points for 1st Place in Photography: JOHN NOVAK

2000 points for 1st Place in Video: SALLY DUNBAR

1500 points for 2nd Place in Photography: FRANK & SHARON ALTERS

1500 points for 2nd Place in Video: DONNA BIGDA

1000 points for 3rd Place in Photography: JEFF DOWLER

1000 points for 3rd Place in Video: CELESTE SALLY CHEESEMAN

500 points for 4th Place in Photography: (WE HAVE A TIE) HEATHER CHAVEZ and CELESTE SALLY CHEESEMAN

500 points for 4th Place in Video: RICHARD WEISSER



Disclaimer: Any comments and contributions provided on ActiveRain.com (or other electronic or print media) does not establish an agency relationship with any third party. Blog posts are intended to be informational only. Please be advised that real estate practices vary in regions and from state to state and market to market. The information contained herein does not constitute legal advice. All parties in need of legal, accounting, tax, or real estate guidance are directed to consult with the licensed professional of their choice. Please seek specific guidance from a retained professional in the specific field(s) required to service your interests. I and/or team blog writers make no claims, promises or guarantees about the accuracy, completeness, or adequacy of the information contained in or linked to this web site and its associated sites inclusive of but not limited to CarolynTannStarr.com MySpace/TannStarr 46486 NY Working Moms Examiner ActiveRain Group Club Chaos ClubChaosAgents.com CyberMinions.net CTannStarr Outside Blog CTannStarr Localism Blog TannStarr.net UberMental.com

© Carolyn Tann-Starr, 2008-2015. Unauthorized use and/or duplication of this material without express and written permission from the re-blog authors (when appropriate)and Carolyn Tann-Starr is strictly prohibited. Excerpts and links may be used, provided that full and clear credit is given to Carolyn Tann-Starr, (the re-blog authors when appropriate) and Wordy C's Blog with appropriate and specific direction to the original content.


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