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Oh My Word... People Are Crazy... (said the insane blogger - LOL)

Am I About To Tantrum? Oh Hell Yeah...

Joe A Galarza with his Godchild, Stephen, the Blur Minion (Pawling, NY)

Oh my word... people are crazy... (said the insane blogger - LOL). Insanity is being such a self-proclaimed blogging purist that one writer has the nerve, the audacity, the unmitigated gall to contact another writer about their effectiveness in encouraging readers to join the ActiveRain Real Estate Network (even when they are not trying to and had absolutely no idea readers actually joined because of their creative blogging - LOL).

You would think a bunch of grown people wouldn't act so childish over which platforms writers decide to publish their work on, but some social media self-proclaimed gurus think they know it all and what works for them "must" work for others.

Reality check: Just because a writer shares what is effective for them doesn't mean it is automatically effective for another. Brain cells are like snowflakes, no two minds are exactly alike, people are very unique and what makes one person smile can make another person tantrum. It doesn't take a rocket scientist or brain surgeon to figure that fact out. Just ask a mother with two kids. She'll school you pretty quick on the differences between people (LOL). I don't write write like Paddy Pizappi, Richard Weisser, Gary Wotal, Susan Mangigian, Sheldon Neal and a host of other stellar people but I love and enjoy their work. We're great pals. If not for social media I would never have had the privilege to know them. If you are going to teach social media classes you should be teaching people how to connect with other people, not trash platforms. Writers have the right to choose where they write and no one can do that except the person creating the content. They get to say where their content goes, not some self-proclaimed coach or blog guru.  

Different people make up their minds in different ways and select different platforms to try. Insanity is having thousands of friends in a social media account but having a cow pie when three cross over to another platform "without a friend's permission." Was it your spouse? Was it your mother, father, sister, brother, children? Ooops... no... wait... it was three virtual contacts on Facebook out of 2000 plus people... Hmm... You must really hate the SEO of ActiveRain to respond so vindictively. After all, you did feel the need to call the person you burned to b*tch more after you unfriended them... Kept their contact info did ya? Or did you Google them? ActiveRain makes it pretty easy to be found (LMAO) Hmm... just sayin' (ROTFL)

Since when does having a social media peep mean you have the right to tantrum when they expand/switch platforms? Are you a control freak? Seems like control issues to me, especially when you feel the need to try to hurt another writer by pissing them away as if what you proclaimed to be building (your social media empire) means nothing when you don't get your way. Burning them as your social media contact for inspiring people to write more then calling to whine about it makes me want to do a cartoon (LOL). Teaching social media classes doesn't mean you get to pick a student's platform. Unfriending, then "stalking" another social media peep because you blame them for your Facebook friends deciding on their own to get outside blogs on AR tells me you are a stupid, stupid, stupid person.

Triple stupidity is an artform most morons don't aspire to, so you, my unfriendly friend, have captured my attention and inspired this post. See how blogging works? We write about what interests us and tell the truth about what we know. We don't need a degree to blog. We just need to have something to say and a place to park that puppy. Blogging basics 101. :-)

Hey newbies - Social Media Fact: Teaching people about using social media means teaching them about being social, not trashing platforms. How effective or ineffective people are depends upon the effort each individual makes to create content and engage in conversations on the platforms of their choice. (Triple stupid: Not your choice, THEIR choice.)

Fact: Original Content creates readership. No interesting content. No interested readers.

Don't make me get all Freudian on you as to why you feel the need to attack/discredit another writer who had created work other people enjoyed and decided they wanted to write on the same platform. If you do, I shall start writing about the parallels of blogging envy being similar to and/or versus penis envy. Think I wont? (You obviously don't read my blog - I go everywhere... and I mean EVERYWHERE. I have transparency issues - LOL)

BTW, being ordained doesn't mean I'm going to turn into some hypocritical, pious, sanctimonious religious coo coo overnight because my paperwork is now in order. It simply means I get to be me, officiate at weddings and share my faith from a personal witness or scholarly perspective while working on my flaws and issues. Yup. It's true. I actually have a "scholarly perspective" and pretty high GPA that I periodically dust off and kick into good use when I'm not enjoying being a silly social media boob (LMAO). I am forensically inclined with a smear of anal retentiveness, a quirky sense of humor and an avid motor mouth. Don't knock it. I am supposed to have a big mouth. God designed me this way, so lets put that puppy to good use, eh? Bring it on dumb-dumb. Lets see how truly stupid you really are. Did I mention I like to say what I mean? Blunt people do stuff like that...

I have a lot to say and I enjoy Blog Post Therapy (LOL). Today's Cow Pie Talking Point: Practice what you preach and preach what you practice. If you are a social media hypocrite your own actions will out you and people like me will have fun chatting about people like you. I have lots of issues and tell people how flawed I am all the time. There are very few surprises here...

Why did I write this? Because I can... I say a lot of things people are afraid to say. Besides, you know how I get when people mess with my bay-bays. I'm very protective of my bay-bays. Dont be messing with my bay-bays. I've been known to start blog wars over 'em (LOL). It's instinctive to protect the people you love, so don't make me come over there. I habitually invade states (virtually and in real life - LMAO).

Consider this a Wordy C Social Media Class on ________ (Hahahahahaaaaa! My Activepeeps who know me have already filled in the blank). Psssst.... wanna Outside Blog? E-mail me. I'll hook you up. Yes, it's true... I am a Google Whore pimping blogs (LMAO).

Last thought before I leave? All I want for Christmas is MORE ACTIVEPEEPS... (ROTFL)

Let the blog wars begin... ;-)



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