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1,492 Unread Emails Across 8 Accounts... Writing About Mom Can Be Dangerous (LOL)

Okay... It is one thing for the kids to have a following because I spoof on them all the time. Now you guys are following my Mom? Seriously? I haven't even posted a picture of her yet. My family and I would like to thank the writers who took the time to say something kind about her visiting and wishing us well. That is a lot of Mom e-mail and I appreciate your kind regards. 

Had no idea you'd be so curious. Seriously... You are asking an awful lot of questions about a woman who barely touches a computer and can't remember how to get her e-mail (LOL). It's true you know. Every time I turn around I'm getting a phone call about what a password for an account is. My brother and sister had to wipe the drive a couple of times because they couldn't sign in and get anything done. When you are 74 years old you are entitled to have a senior moment. We're starting to get used to them and just take over whenever she wants to do something on the computer. ;-)

The boys and I are going to Brooklyn later today to catch up with her for lunch. She's visiting with our family friends. I shall sort through the Mom mail and do a Wordy C post later on the most common questions. Yes, I will post some family photos. No, I don't know how often I will be chatting about my parents because I tend to just write whatever I'm thinking about and I think about all sorts of stuff (LOL). 

BTW, I don't know if I want to share my baby pictures or not, so don't think you people are going to go do an end round around me on that particular item because she doesn't know how to upload stuff (LOL). Chicka doesn't have a Facebook account either. Will I set one up? Why? You guys wanna friend my Mom? Seriously? (Insert hysterical laughter here) :-D

Hmm... do I want to friend my Mother? Hahahahahaaaaa! Oh snap! I don't know... (ROTFL). Can't imagine her playing Mafia Wars (LMAO). Dad might get into it because he is mad cool funny and always got on the floor to play with us when we were little. We still fool around and play a bit once in a while as adults.

Hmm... I am ambivalent about setting up a social media account for my elderly parents... They barely touch the computer... The idea of having to field calls about who to friend is enough to make me say NO (LOL). Skype might be fun. They can see the wee people destroy my apartment on a daily basis and remind me what a bad mommy I am for letting them draw on the walls (LOL). We were NOT allowed to do that when we were growing up. Oh well... Noah the Net Geek and Stephen the Minion Blur are enjoying and discovering self-expression. What's a mommy to do? I simply paint over it (again and again and again- LOL). Skype would be better because at least they would know that my friends are really my friends when we call conference on a par-tay. ;-)  

If you wait until Monday I'll blog live from their porch in SC and take you guys on a tour of some farmland. Looking forward to updating pictures of our fields. We also got a couple of Rainers coming over for lunch and dinner. Should be mad fun. Hope the weather doesn't kill our foodie fun plans. My gal pals from 6th grade are coming as well so we shall be singing and goofing around making music as well.

Talked my sister into taking off from work and college. She has a perfect 4.0 GPA, so that is a hell of a gift. Michelle is not one to play hookie from work or school. I, on the other hand... um... well... that's another blog post (LOL). Hell, that's a series (ROTFLMAO). My GPA was 96.33 and I was a double major in law and computers. Not perfect. Didn't finish. Oh well... Maybe I'll go back later and get an interesting graduate degree... I like computer forensics. Dr. Wordy C has a nice ring to it, eh? I shall be following in the footsteps of Dr. Seuss of course (LMAO). ;-)

Time to do more laundry. Gotta cook for the boys as well. Can't run amuck without taking care of the shorties first. They are not used to Mama missing for more than two days. This should be very interesting(LOL). Seriously...

Will she cross state lines when she gets there? Tune in and find out...

Ize Fixing To Gone Visiting People. Wonder how many Rainers I can disrupt in 72 hours (LOL). My AR Road Trip starts at 3:15 PM. See ya later... ;-) 

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