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Baseball and Piano Lessons?

Noah Ezekiel Starr in Greeleyville, SC

I have got to do something about both of my sons Handy Mandy fixation. They keeps taking all of our tools to place in Stephen's Handy Mandy tool box. Geez, every time I turn around Stephen is trying to allen-key something open while Noah is lining up screwdrivers. They both are in Bob-the-Builder-Handy-Mandy-Realtor-Men-Of-Action mode and I have no idea what to do about it because the are trying to build houses. They are inventing construction projects with Lego's, the furniture, their bed linens and my free floor tile samples from BuildDirect.com

The boys have a thing for marble, slate and granite (LOL).

Between this and Sponge Bob, what's a Mama to do? Any suggestions to distract my boys who are insanely self directed?

What do you think about Baseball and Piano lessons?


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Comment balloon 36 commentsC Tann-Starr • October 12 2008 01:10PM
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