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Tribes Q&A is a Free E-Book (for now)


I really enjoy Seth Godin's work and now he has published a Q&A inspired by his book Tribes. Click the above link and download your free 75 page PDF today (while it lasts). I was very fortunate to download his free audio book of Tribes and have listened to it three times. That audio is over 3 hours long so I am very happy to now have the Q&A PDF companion to read through. If you are a fan of Tribes go download your Q&A copy today.

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Comment balloon 19 commentsC Tann-Starr • November 16 2008 09:30AM
Tribes Q&A is a Free E-Book (for now)
http://sethgodin. typepad. com/seths_blog/2008/11/the-tribes-qa-e. html I really enjoy Seth Godin's work and now he has published a Q&A inspired by his book Tribes. Click the above link and download your free 75 page PDF today (while it… more
Club Chaos Is Very Proud To Introduce Jason Schauer
Name: Jason Schauer Company: Geist Connections LLC URL: http://www. jasonschauer. com/jasonschauer Description: "An active investor with a creative mindset, the aim is to educate while creating on going relationships with… more
Okay Appraisers, This is Fun and I Love Video (http://www. visre. com)
http://www. visre. com/ I'm always looking for new income opportunities. I love Trump University on-line and they are great for getting students to think outside of the box. So here I am recreational reading in my e-mail and I get this really… more
ZURVITA (Helping each other win… )
I'm going to start with a quote from Cynthia Dedier's Zurvita website because I really like the way these people think: "Winning at every level is more than a saying or slogan. Everyone at Zurvita, including owners, executives, and the… more
The Minion Blur Loves JellyTelly. com
My family and I are die hard Veggie Tales fans. The original creator of VT has launched a new on-line project that has been 3 years in the making. JellyTelly. com Little Man is in love and now I've been relegated to the laptop. I can not get Stephen… more
Video: Stephen Dancing To Autumn Run (New Music by Mommy and the…
VideoAd by Mixpo Stephen and Noah went on an Autumn run to collect leaves for Jeannette Neerpat. The Minion Blur managed to stomp his way through every puddle he could find. Had to… more
Photojojo. com/
http://photojojo. com/ Chris Elizabeth was tweeting about this and so I decided to take a peek and was laughing at the site description from page one. Very cool! I thought you guys might enjoy this. I most certainly did. It must be my… more
A Perception of Value…
You virtually hear a lot of Internet chatter about "smart design. " Design influences a person's perception of value. Some people think posting an experimental page in the public forum (a) serves no purpose, (b) has no value and (c)… more
Melodious and I Are Experimenting With Cells… Hmm… Now What?
You have no idea how many times I have deleted code off of this page (LOL). I am supposed to be writing in a cell like a text box, except I can't seem to figure out how to do it without messing up the movies. This page may have to be destroyed (LOL)… more
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I Love Being An Artist… I Have Such A Thing For Eye Candy!
Flushing Meadows Park, Queens County, New York City I love being a Work-At-Home-Mom (WHAM). I love being an artist I have such a thing for eye candy and am always looking for something beautiful to enjoy. I don't know about you, but I… more
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THE THEME OF THE OCTOBER/NOVEMBER FALL 2008 EYE CANDY CONTEST IS " FALL COLORS AND EVENTS. " This is a post regarding parallel but dueling contests: ONE for PHOTOGRAPHY (OCT-ECP10) and ONE for VIDEO (OCT… more
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Using Sound Judgment is Different From Being Judgmental, Especially…
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Online Brand Management Tip
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