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Work at Home Mom Perks: Tasty Minion Food Delivered For Lunch

New Shanghai 125-02 84th Road Kew Gardens, New York 11415 (718) 846-0125 (718) 846-0180

Has a Chinese & Japanese Kitchen that ROCKS! Free delivery! I love them.

I love being a Work at Home Mom (WHAM). You get sweet foodie paradise perks. Seriously!

I am sitting over here with a big cool aid grin on my face because my little ones love Chinese and Japanese food almost as much as their Mama. One of the best places to eat in Queens County is New Shanghai. They have excellent taste and service customers off of two awesome menus. I frequently order meals from both categories and have to say my fave two entrees are their Deluxe Platter of Salmon Teriyaki and their Beef Teriyaki. We are about to chow down on 'em right now. BTW, both come served with Tempura, California Rolls, Soup, Salad and Rice. If you ever find yourself in need of a party platter for an open house, dinner party, or movie night with the DVD player, these are the people to call. Trust me. I'm talking Spanking-A tasty! Another plus: very reasonably priced too.

If your little minions are as picky as my little minions, you can not go wrong with New Shanghai.

What's your favorite foodie paradise spot? Inquiring minds want to know. :-)

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